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MACAU For Mediterranean atmosphere & relaxation, bet in Macau ! Basic Info
THAILAND For beaches, jungles & unique culture, live the Land of smiles  ! 40+ places
LAOS For adventure & scenery, backpack the Million Elephants' Land ! 13+ places
CAMBODIA For archaeological treasures & wilderness, tour Cambodia ! 13+ places
MYANMAR For authenticity & hospitality, enjoy the Golden Land ! 14+ places
MALAYSIA For a blend of cultures & natural paradises, discover West Malaysia !  20+ places
SINGAPORE For a clean city with good entertainments, go through Singapore ! City Guide
INDONESIA For cultural diversity and natural adventures, cross Indonesia ! in dvpt
VIETNAM For natural wonders & historical spots, explore Vietnam ! to come
??? For an adventure & good karma, cover a country yourself ! to come



Free as a backpacker !

"Free as a backpacker !" is the motto of Passplanet. Indeed, I believe that only backpacking gives the opportunity to fully appreciate & experience a country. Freedom to leave the routine behind for a while.  Freedom to adapt an itinerary to new ideas, encounters or intuitions. Freedom to share a drink or a talk with a perfect stranger. Freedom to go where few have gone, to explore new lands, to cross new borders. Freedom to be yourself among others or another among yourselves... 

Backpacking is an adventure, a challenge, a natural opening to the world.  But it is above all a state of mind and, for a few, it has become a lifestyle ! In this regard,  I consider myself lucky. Indeed, Passplanet has given me the opportunity to live my passion (and hopefully later on from my passion). I created Passplanet so that I could keep traveling and share with others the joys and wonders that I experience.

The idea actually goes back a couple of years, at a time when I was traveling India. My guidebook was so bad that I thought I could come up with another alternative. I gave the idea some thought but did not start until March 99 when I decided to cover China & Hong Kong. By November, Passplanet was launched. The initial feedback was very encouraging. I therefore took the decision to expand the offering to other Asian countries.  And here we are !

Passplanet now covers 9 countries and 160 localities (more to come). It is loaded with practical information to travel Asia. Easily. Economically. Lightly. Freely.  You will find  within here most of the information that you will need to prepare for your trip (before), live your adventure in the best conditions (during) and share your experience with other travelers (after). All in one convenient stop ! >> Site Presentation

But Passplanet will, hopefully, be more than a travel guide. My ambition is to make it a place where backpackers can freely exchange the latest info from "on the road" and communicate with each others. In the world of backpacking, information indeed changes with the blowing of the winds. The internet provides an extraordinary tool to keep track of it. While a guidebook is out of date by the time it reaches the shelves, a web site can be updated daily. Passplanet will strive to keep the information warm !  >> New & Soon

But to achieve the above, we obviously need your help & support. Passplanet is not supposed to be a single backpacker's journey. There are too many trips ahead. The world is too vast to be covered by one individual. Let's share ! Everyone is welcome to join the adventure ! Passplanet is looking for new contributors, new writers, new partners and new ideas. And at a time when getting registered in the search engines takes so much time or money and the net is getting overwhelmed with sites, Passplanet also counts on you for its promotion. If you find it useful, please give the direction to other backpackers. The more traffic, the more updated info in the future...  >> Participate ! / Banners

Passplanet is also a place of exchange. Beside all the forms which allow you to share your tips, experiences and feelings about a place or a country, Passplanet also hosts a Discussion Forum and a Links Section. You are welcome to submit your own travel web site in the latter and benefit from Passplanet's growing popularity. >> Forum / Links

Together, let's keep Passplanet as free & independent as a backpacker !

I wish you a good journey, on the site and around the world !

Ben Saint Girons


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