Note : I did not go back there recently. The below info are based on my souvenirs from 1995 and the leaflets & documents collected.

Description : The answer of Singapore to Disneyland

Comments : A whole island has been converted into an attraction park. It is rather kitsch but fairly relaxing if you avoid the crowded week ends. 

What to do ? Ride a movie (Cinemania) / Join the army (Fort Siloso) / Spot sharks without getting wet (Underwater World) / Admire butterflies / Erupt yourself (VolcanoLand) / Splash yourself (Fantasy Island) / Fall for dolphins (Dolphin Lagoon) / Climb the Merlion for a panoramic view / Walk on a dragon / Have a look at other countries (Asian Village) / Relax on spotless artificial beaches / Rollerblade on the alleys or rent a bike  / Spot skeleton on a nature walk / Have a photo with a snake / Watch monkeys getting coconuts / Walk a suspended bridge / Admire a collection of shells / Cool off by one of the numerous fountains or manicured gardens (orchid, scented, spices,...) / Bike on water / Dream at the musical fountain / Stand on the southernmost point of the Asia continent / Ride the monorail around for free / Dance on the beach in swim suit at the two beach bars (regular foam parties as well) / Swim in the laguna

What you may not like ?  The cost of most of the attractions / The crowd on WE / The plastic look / The exaggerated claim : "If you haven't experienced Sentosa, you haven't been to Singapore". The stamp on your passport will prove your Singapore trip anyway !

How long ? It is big. Count one day. 

Where to stay ?  There are a few hotels on the island but they are from the very expensive types. There is however a Youth Hostel  and a campsite (tel : 279 1777 Mond to Frid and 270 7888 Sat, Sund & PH) 

Where to eat ? Restaurants & refreshment stalls at strategic locations. Bring your sandwiches to save money... 

Admission cost ? $5 or $3 after 6:30pm. A fair deal !

How to reach ?  Three ways if you do not wish to walk the bridge or to swim one of the busiest ports in the world :

  • by Sentosa Bus : $6 or 7 for two-ways bus rides and the admission fee / The cheapest
  • by Ferry : $2.30 for two-ways
  • by Cable Car : from Mt Faber or the WTC / $6.90 one way, $15 two-ways / Easily the most spectacular, in particular if you take the world's first glass bottom cabine !

The attractions ?
Not all of them are worth the entrance fees and it is very much possible to have a great day without getting any extra ticket, thanks to the free shows and the pleasant setting. If you wish to visit it all, start saving money :

  • Butterfly Park / Insect Kingdom Museum : $6 / If you plan to go to Malaysia, save your money for the cheaper park in KL.
  • Cinemania : $10 / Expensive for a 15mn movie !
  • Dolphin Lagoon : $11 / Apparently, a 45mn show with... dolphins ! / Go to Thailand, Cambodia or Laos and possibly spot some in the wild for free ! 
  • Fantasy Island : Bring your swimsuit plus $16 ($8 after 6pm, open until 10pm during WE)
  • Images of Singapore : $5 for a 1.5 hours heritage showcase. But did you come to Sentosa to learn something ?
  • Orchid Gardens : $3.5 / Go to Pulau Ubin and spot orchids for free...
  • The Merlion : $3 / An expensive panorama
  • Underwater world : $13 / Save that money for a real dive in Malaysia or Thailand !
  • VolcanoLand : $12 / An impressive price for an impressive show ?
  • Maritime Museum : Free ! / Rush there to spot some fishes and a good collection of shells
  • Fort Silosa : The only remaining British coastal fortification in Singapore may be worth a visit only  if you fancy the army's way of life and guns' way of firing / $3 / 9 to 19
  • Musical Fountain : Free and the best attraction ! / After seeing a day show (5pm & 5:30pm), you will probably wish to stay for a more spectacular night show (7:30pm, 8:30pm & 9:30pm) and see the Merlion raise...
  • Monkey Show & Bird show : Free ! 

    Sentosa Island