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Why ? Check out what travelers think about Laos...
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The North The wild, the minorities, the temples, the adventure...
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Adventures in the wild !


Backpackers' Survey  Rate : 13.22 /20 (up) Rank : 6 /11 (down)
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 11.47 /20 Rank : 13 /14


>> Description ? The less developed country in Asia means lots of exploration opportunities among minorities villages and untouched nature.

>> Why go there ? Try to escape the crowd of Thailand (bad excuse nowadays) / Follow the flow of backpackers (good excuse nowadays) / Spend some time among minorities, if possible in remote and untouristy villages / Trek around / Become an opium addict (hope not) / Complete Passplanet with more remote localities (hope so) / Relax on tropical islands and watch the Mekong flow / 

>> Drawback ? Visiting too late : the crowd is there already ! / The drug business / The worst roads and transports of Asia, making any trip time consuming / The lack of real cultural attractions / The look (or rather lack of look) of some locals who have been confronted with mass tourism too  fast / The costs increase / 

>> Cultural Highlights ? Luang Prabang's or Vientiane's temples and colonial charms / The ruins of Wat Phu near Champasak

>> Natural Highlights ? The North mountainous area / Kuang Si Falls near Luang Prabang / The scenic  Mekong area of Si Phon Don

>> How long ? Two weeks to stay on the track . At least one month to go further away and discover Laos without the crowd but the smiles.

>> Budget ? Around US$7 per day. More if you drink a lot...

>> Visa ? Required. 15 days visa available at the Friendship Bridge or the International Airports for US$30. Best to get a 30 days visa in Bangkok.

>> When to go ? Avoid the rainy season from July to October when some roads are turned into mug swimming pools. 


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