by Alexey K. Sinchukov (Fev 07)


Known as Jogya the capital of the only remaining sultanate in Indonesia this city offers various cultural attractions in the area around.

Time to visit: Dry season from April till November

How long to stay: three days minimum, four-five days recommended

What to do? Pick up a free map from any of tourist offices/Visit Kraton/Make a trip to Borobodur

What you may not like? Khaotic traffic/ Everyone trying to sell or advising you to buy batik/ Beggars in every corner/ Rather empty palace/ Not much option for transportation to places outside of the city/ Paying significant fees at the temples

Where two stay: two major areas for backpackers in the city:

In Malioboro (just South from train station) there is a plenty of losmans (GH) and hotels around Jalan Sosrowijayan. This area located convenient to many places in the centre but prices slightly higher. Losman – RP 30K to 45K per room with fan / Hotel – RP 100K to 130K per room with A/C

South of city centre (South of Kraton) around Jalan Prawirotaman

Where to eat:
in Malioboro area at Jalan Sosrowijayan a number of restaurants offer Western and local food - FM Café, New Superman; also few places around Malioboro Mall

What to see in the city:

- Kraton, palace of sultan has small display and old horse- and man-powered vehicle
- Taman Sari, former pool and bathing complex for Sultan
- Fort Vredeburg, (North of Kraton) former Dutch fort with museum full of nationalist dioramas inside, there some nice buildings resembling Dutch colonial architecture just next to it
- Monument Kembali, North-West of Ring Road (ticket RP 7K) built during last years of Suharto era this pyramid-shape monument has small museum devoted to struggle for independence

Around the city:

- Kota Gede, South-East corner of the city (almost on ring road), long street full of various shops selling silver handicraft, some well established ones offer you to see their primitive production process. Take bus 4 (RP 2K), get off around Jalan Rejowinangun where bus turns left and walk straight about 12 min

- Borobudur Temple, (ticket US11), it is the place you come here for – the major treasure and wonder of the area, unearthed in XIX century and still remains a mystery

- Prambanan Temple, (ticket US8), located just North-East from the city. There is folk dancing of Ramayana Ballet three nights a week during winter season.

- Parangritis Beach, (toll ticket RP 4K) 28 km to the South, famous place for locals to getaway during weekend offers panoramic view but sand is too dirty. On the way in Bantul area there are a number of houses destroyed by recent earthquake

- Baron Beach, (toll ticket RP 3K) about 12 km East from Parangritis, around 40 min ride, small bay with viewing tower

- Kukup Beach, adjacent to Baron, just less than 1 km to the East, has small rocky Bay Riding back from the beaches take alternative route via Wonosari to witness spectacular view of the city from the top of near-by mountains

- Mountain Merapi, (about 20 km North from the city) active volcano which recently (May 2006) exploded with lava. There are several sites with possibility of trekking. Those interested in witnessing natural disasters can visit turned into tourist attraction site of lava flow at Kaliurang (ticket RP 10K) smelling houses buried in mad.

Getting around:
motorbike rent about RP 50K – check with any hotel or losman

Leaving the city:

By bus: Terminal is located at North West of the Ring Road / Minibus to Jakarta

By train: 



Ticket price

Travel time




Morning – 3

Evening – 7

Executive(AC) – RP 195K

Business (fan) – 160K

8 hours

10 hours


Morning – 2

Evening – 4

Executive(AC) – RP 155K

Business (fan)

6 hours

8 hours


7 trains

RP 10K

1 hour

1 hour 30 min


7 trains


5 hours


 By plane: There is a number of domestic low-cost flights by Merpati, Adam Air from Jakarta while the nearest International low-cost flight by AirAsia from KL lands at Solo.


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