The Highlights of Hong Kong  !


You will find here some advices on how to visit the territory, including :


Travelers' ratings ?

I asked backpackers what they think about HK's attractions. I obtained the following Top 10 :

1. The Peak    19/20
2. Star Ferry / Harbor view    18/20
2. Temple Street / Night Market area    18/20
4. Lantau Island / Big Buddha    17/20
5. Central  area    15/20
5. HK Park / Botanical Garden    15/20
5. Hillside Escalator / Hollywood Rd    15/20
8. Kowloon Park    14/20
8. Victoria Park    14/20
8. Wanchai area    14/20
8. Lamma Island    14/20
8. Cheung Chau Island    14/20


HK's Highlights ?

City sights :  The Harbor view from TST,  the view from the peak, the lift of Hopewell Center, the panoramic floor from Central Plaza, the men's toilets at the top of The Peninsula Hotel (dress properly)

Local Theme Parks : The world's biggest Buddha, Tai O Fishing village, Ocean Park, Tiger Balm Garden...

Transportations wonders : The Star Ferry, the Tram, the Peak Tram, The old ferries to the islands

Scenery : Tai Long Wan in the New Territories, Lantau Peak or plenty of other trails...

Parks : HK Park, Zoological Garden, Kowloon Park, Victoria Park

Shopping : Pacific Place, Stanley Market, Ocean Center, Ladies Night Market, Jade Market, Festival Walk

Temples : Po Lin Monastery, Tin Hau, Man Mo, 10.000 Buddha, Wong Tai Sin,...

Culture shock : Wanchai's market, any old street, Chinese restaurant

Nightlife : Wanchai for the disco & girly bars or Lan Kwai Fong for the expatriates hangouts...

Relax : outlying islands on week day, Discovery Bay in Lantau, any trail in the New Territories


Suggested itineraries ?

Below are some suggestions on how you could organize your visit of Hong Kong according to the time you dispose:

Half a day Ferry to Wanchai, Central Plaza panoramic floor (on weekday), Spring Garden Lane (market), Lift of Hopewell Center, Pacific Place, HK Park (Museum of Tea Ware, Conservatory, Aviary), Hollywood Rd & Man Mo Temple (if time), The Peak, Ferry back to TST, Temple Street via Kowloon Park (if time)

One day : see "one busy day in HK Island" in the HK Island Section

Two days : 1 day program + Lantau Island (Po Lin Monastery & Big Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village, walk to Discovery Bay from Mui Wo)

Three days : add a trip to the remote parts of HK Island (Stanley Market, Aberdeen) in the morning and a walk down the Kowloon Peninsula in the afternoon (if time)

Four days :  add a trip to Macau

Five days or more : add a walk to Tai Long Wan, visit Lamma or Cheung Chau Island, go to Shatin, have fun in Ocean Park / Middle Kingdom, ,...


A few nice treks ?

HK offers plenty of choice to hikers thanks to the 23 protected natural parks which represent 40% of its surface : this is one of the highest rate of protected reserves in the world ! In total nearly 70% of the Territory is made up of open land... Unfortunately, the weather makes trekking really enjoyable only during the “dry” seasons of autumn and winter. You can get maps, information and safety advices (be well equipped !) about the walks at the HKTA. Some information about the major trails :

  • MacLehose Trail in the New Territories : 100 km divided in 10 sections from East to West. During the annual race in November, the best teams complete the whole walk in less than 15 hours (it took us 26 hours). Considering the rugged mountains, this is definitively a superman’s performance ! At a normal walking pace, it should take around 35 hours. One of the best day walk you can make in HK is probably Section 2 which passes the superb beach area of Tai Long Wan (dangerous swimming) : Start at the beginning of Section 3  “Pak Tam Au” (Bus No99 from Sai Kung, itself accessible by bus 92 ($4.2) from Diamond Hill MTR Station or the air conditioned Bus No299 ($9) from Shatin) and walk east . There are some small restaurants near the beach. To go back to “Pak Tam Chung”, the gateway to Sai Kung East Country Park (Buses No94 every 20mn to Sai Kung), you do not need to walk the entire Section 1 around the huge High Island Reservoir as there is another beautiful path north of it… Back in Sai Kung, you can visit the old town and the Tin Hau Temple or test seafood in one of the numerous restaurant...
  • Wilson Trail on HK Island and the NT : 78 km divided in 10 sections that should take around 27 hours to complete.
  • Hong Kong Trail starts at the Peak and passes through five country parks. If you start early, are fit or are training for the above race, you could complete the 50km in one day.
  • Lantau Trail is another challenging but beautiful Trail : 70 km long, it starts in Mui Wo and finishes in Mui Wo. See the Lantau section for more details.
  • It is also possible to walk the Islands of Lamma and Cheung Chau but those walks are quite short and therefore much more busy and noisy (avoid during week end)

    Hiking HK

Backpacker's Tips :  Paul Taylor (Janv 08)
« A place of idyllic beauty and solitude, only on the week days, is a marine park at a place called Hoi Ha in the HOI Ha Wan marine park in the New Territories. You will most probably have the place to yourself in the week day even at peak season. There are free adequate camping sites for those who are inclined.
How to get there: Get the KCR East Rail to Sha Tin, then get the 299 to Sai Kung, you need then go to the bus rank (not the main bus station) where the smaller green buses leave and ask for the one to Hoi Ha. Don't forget that the last leaves for Sai Kung about seven p.m. When you get back in Sai Kung why one not walk along the promenade where all the fish restaurants are and treat your self to a fish supper. Or carry on to the end and have a cool refreshing lager at the Corner Cafe.» 

Backpacker's Tips :  Yihao Man (March 05)
« Visit all the museum (history, police, heritage, coastal defence, space and science Museum) On wednesday.. they are free... nothing much interesting thou, the only museum that interest me is the sky show in space museum.. where the movie is really showing at the roof..
A new attraction seems to be call the teddy bear kingdom.. Pretty boring thou.. all sections are free except for teddy bear museum where u have to pay HK$20. pretty small in area and too commericalized. visit there only when you are free or heading towards the other attractions nearby...
Hmm.. the main highlight of HK should be its ocean park!!  constructed to promote nature conservation in the region.. it cost $209 HK for entrance fee and 2way bus ride (Don't get the package with bus ride (185) if wanting to visit the standly market or jumbo resturan nearby..) was there when it opens (10 am) and got to drag myself to leave when it close at 6.. it is just soo damn great hanging around with the animals and the rides... majority of the rides are covered with the admission.(except for whiskey and friends ride and GO kart). additional cost like buying survinours and photographs could
cost a bomb. Also, there are educiation tours such as visiting the "panda food storeroom" for HK 70. (wkend and PH only) or touch and play with real dolphin if you have $680 to spare for 90 minutes (tue to sun). » 

Backpacker's Tips :  Peter Brewin, UK (April 02)
This is a complement to the existing information about Tai Long Wan - In my experience the best beach in HK !
There is a great waterfall and pool about 5 minutes walk inland from Sai Wan beach (next beach around the headland from Tai Long Wan on MacLehose Trail Section 2, about 30mn walk). This is one of the largest permanent waterfalls in HK and is great if you fancy a swim in fresh water during a hike. There are also steep cliffs on either side that you can dive off into the water. Just follow the stream up from the beach.

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