A few addresses in TST ?


Tourist Office ?

Star Ferry, open Mond-Frid 8am-6pm; Sat, Sund & PH 9am-5pm

Internet ?

The Arts Library (2734 2042), Podium, Adm Bldg, HK Cultural Center, 10 Salisbury Rd (near the Planetarium).  Like all the public libraries, it is free !  Open Mond-Thurs 10am-7pm, Frid 10am-9pm, Sat & Sund 10am-5pm, PH closed. Reservation half a day in advance recommended.

Backpacker's Tips :  Jennifer (April 02)
« The Art Library moved to a newly launched 'Central Library' in the Causeway Bay on the HK Island side. There's a new museum opened next to the HK Cultural Centre, not sure if there's free Internet available there, you can check out the www.lcsd.gov.hk for more details.

Backpacker's Tips :  Walter, Australia / New Zealand (March 02)
« T
here is free internet at the post office in TST, just east of Nathan rd. (limited to 5min, i think)» 

Backpacker's Tips :  Daniel Cooper, Australia (Jan 02)
«Internet in the libraries is free but the browser is crap. Best place is on Nathan Rd, diagonally opposite the police station, 2nd floor. HK$10 an hour and the USB port is right on the front of the machines (for digital camera users)»

Backpacker's Tips :  Kris, USA (March 00)
«Hong Kong-cybercafes : One can go to the Kowloon Public Library at the corner of Waterloo Rd and Pui Ching Rd, 8th floor. Opens 10a and 1-2 hrs is free. You must show your passport or DL to access /  Friends cafe across the street from Kimberley Hotel on Kimberley Road. / Shadowman cafe across the street from Hyatt Regency hotel...no English sign outside. Look for computers just inside the door. If you purchase food or drink, then free 20 mins. Otherwise HK$15 for first 15mins, then HK$10 every 15 mins after that. »

Post Office ?

A convenient post office is located on Middle Rd on the west on Nathan Rd.  Like all the post office, it is open Mond-Frid 8 to 6pm, Sat 8 to 2pm, Sund. & PH closed. 

Travel Agencies ?

  • Shoestring Travel Ltd (2723 2306), 4F, Alpha House, Peking Rd, next to CTS.  Specializes in China's visas (3 months single entry $130, 6 months multiple entries $600,...), cheap flights and good hotels deals.  

  • Time Travel Ltd (2722 6878), Basement, Shop B22, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Peking Rd (next to Deli France) . Same services as the above but usually less busy.  Another branch in Chung King Mansion, 16F, Block A. 

  • Travel Net Services Ltd (2723 7138), Shop G11, GF, HK Pacific Center, 28 Hankow Rd. Another good agency for cheap visas and flights.

  • China Travel Service, "CTS" (2315 7132), Alpha House, Peking Rd. Avoid to take your visa here as it is more expensive and bureaucratic than the above addresses. However, this is a good place for trains (no commission so far), boat or plane tickets to China. 

Money changers ?

Money changers may offer better deals than banks as they do not charge commission (it's illegal). Shop around in the area of Chung King Mansion for the best rates. Patels (in blue), Singapore Exchange (in white) or City Foreign (in red) were all recommended.

Bookstore ?

  • For books, the best choice is offered by Swindon Books (2366 8083), 13-15 Lock Rd 

  • For magazines, go to Times The Bookshop (2367 4340), Basement, Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Rd (opposite Watson's). Open 10:30am to 8:45pm

Backpacker's Tips : Anonymous (Feb 05)
« A new bookshop where travelers meet and exchange information :, it has 30% new books and 70% second hand books on various aspects especially on travel, fiction. It is called The Travellers Home and is located on 2/f 55 Hankow Road Tsim Sha Tsui. (Walk up the stairs between a 7 eleven and a bakery shop) tel: 23808380. There is a café & Tea corner and there is a message Board where you can leave your message if you want to look for travel partner to China and S.E. Asia... I have posted one as well. Very effective! One more thing: they provide free service on certain travel matters in Hong Kong. The opening hours is Mon-Sat 12:30-9:00pm Sun and public holidays: 1:00-7:30pm  » 

Electronic Equipment ?

Plenty of choice around TST but not so many shops are affiliated with the HKTA.  Some of them can be found on Hankow Rd.  Hi Busy (28 Hankow Rd), for example, offered us good advises and friendly after-sale services. Still, shop around ! See Travel tips on how to shop safely in HK...

Tailors ?

TST is full of them and you will be approached by a tout every 2 seconds when walking Nathan Road. Instead of following one, go directly check the prices in different shops. But be careful with your expenses : those guys are very good in making you believe you absolutely need 3 suits, 10 shirts, 20 ties and a cashmere coat (I know, I personally tested it !). 

Kung Fu ?

Hong Kong is the home of Wing Chun, arguably the most efficient and less frustrating Chinese style of Kung Fu. It is the style Bruce Lee used when fighting... If you are interested, you could contact Sifu Sam Lau, the owner of  Shoestring Travel Agency  as well as a couple of guesthouses. He was one of the original student of late Grand Master Yip Man and seems less interested in making money than promoting the art... Rare enough in Hong Kong !