Outlying Islands'



Description : A small island, popular for its beach and seafood restaurants

Comments : Much smaller than Lantau but bigger than Cheung Chau, Lamma Island offers an easy and relaxing escape.  The crowd is there on week ends but relative isolation is still possible as most of the visitors are attracted to the beaches or restaurants areas. 

What to do : Take a boat to Yung Shue Wan / Visit the village / See old women wearing the traditional large hat / Relax at the beach / Eat barbecue / Walk the trail to Sok Kwu Wan, an easy & nice promenade of around one and a half hour / Select a seafood restaurant / Take a boat back to Central

What you may not like : The crowd on WE / The noise & rubbish near the barbecue sites / The concrete path / The sight of the plant from the beach / The risk when eating seafood in HK 

How to come here ?


Call 2542 3081 or 2525 1108  for enquiries / WE prices apply from Saturday noon

To Yung Shue Wan :

From When Dep. Nb Duration Price
Central Pier 6 Mond-Sat 7:30,8:10,10,11:15,... 7 20mn 15
(fast ferry) Sund & PH 10,11:45,... 5 20mn 32
Central Pier 6 Mond-Sat 6:45,8:30,10:30,12,... 16 40mn 9.20
(ordinary ferry) Sund & PH 8:15,8:45,9:45,10:45,11:15,12:45,... 16 40mn 12.50

Last ordinary Ferry back to HK at 11:30pm

To Sok Kwu Wan (seafood restaurants) :

From When Dep. Nb Duration Price
Central Daily 7:20,9:15,11:15,... 10 50mn 9.20 or 12.50

Return to HK at 14:15, 16, 17:40, 19:20, 21 & 22:50.

Backpacker's Tips : Wai-Wan, HK (April 04)
 http://www.hkkf.com.hk  for Lamma island.