You will find here the essential addresses and tips for your stay in this busy & exciting part of town :


Description : The tourist & backpacker's ghetto of Hong Kong, at the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula.

Comments : TST is an excellent base for visiting HK  as beside the best choice of cheap accommodations, it also boost free internet connection, a good selection of cheap restaurants, good travel agents, plenty of shopping opportunities, a relaxing park and the  nicest view toward HK Island... 

What to do : For information, go to the HKTA Office next to the Star Ferry / For a guesthouse, go to Mirador Arcade or Chung King Mansion / For a bite, go to a food stall, a fast food or a small Chinese restaurant / For a view or a jog, go to the Waterfront Promenade / For fresh air, go to Kowloon Park / For the time, go to the clock in front of the New World Center (a surprise every half an hour) / For watching a movie or listening to music, go to HMV  / For reading materials, go to Times The Bookshop / For a pee, go (well dressed) to Felix, the restaurant at the top of the Peninsula Hotel / For your brain, go to the HK Museum of Art / For souvenirs, go to Temple Street in the evening / For internet, go to the Art Library / For electronic goods, go to HKTA's affiliated shops or Mongkok area / 

What you may not like : The aggressive touts around Chung King Mansion for guesthouses, Indian restaurants or tailor made shops / Hearing "copy watch ?" at every corner / The shops without price tags / Loosing big money at such shops / Being with the tourist crowd...