Where to stay on HK Island ?


Note : = subjectively recommended

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Dormitory ?

Ma Wui Hall (2817 5715), YHA hostel, Top of Mt Davis, 1 hour trip from Star Ferry Pier in Central (Bus 5B to the terminus at Felix Villas on Victoria Rd, then 20 mn walk up the hill). The view is the reward but is it really worth the fuss ?

A good address in Wanchai ?

The Jaffe Court (Tel :2511 4436  Fax : 2507 5265) keeps a low profile on 41, Fleming Road , at the corner with Gloucester Road, below the exchanger. It is a bit noisy with traffic but cozy rooms equipped with a kitchen used to cost from HK$350 only.  Nowadays, they apparently rent only per month with prices ranging from HK$6900 to HK$14900. It would cost however nothing to call them to check if a room is available for a shorter term... 

Rooms ?

Only a few affordable accommodations for travelers on the island, mostly in Causeway Bay, one of the busiest and most polluted place of HK but also a shopper paradise and home to Victoria Park.  Rooms there are bigger and better looking than in TST and they usually come attached with a homely atmosphere (a lot of guests have negotiated long stay). Booking in advance is no longer necessary but it would be a good idea to make a phone call. Prices varies between 200 to 300. Some locations to check :  

Great George Bldg, 27 Paterson St :

  • Noble Hostel, 17/F, Flat A3 (2808 0117, fax 2577 0847) / Sgle without bath 220, Dble with bath 320 as guesthouse

  • Kai Woo Hung Wan Co, 11/F, Flat A1 (2890 5830, fax 2890 5725) /Dble 350

Paterson Bldg, 47 Paterson St

  • Chung Ming Guest House, 14/F, Flat A3 (2576 7873, fax 2576 2427) / Sgle to triple with or without bath from 200 to 320

  • Travelight Services Company, 9/F, Flat A1 (2890 7535) / One small room without bath 100/ Rooms 2 to 3 beds 180 to 300 for prices

  • Sun Kong Guest House, 8/F, Flat A2 (2577 0283, fax 2330 9066) / Sgle to Trpl from 200 to 280

  • Wang Fat Hostel, 3/F, Flat A2 (2895 1015, Fax 2576 7509) / Sgle to Dble with or without bath from 200 to 280

Leighton Lane, Phoenix Appt or Pak Sha Rd

With the exception of Causeway Bay Guest House (Leighton Lane, 2895 2013, Sgl 250 / Dble 350 / Trpl 400), most of the guesthouses in the area charge by the hour (basically 120 for 2 hours). Overnight stays are also offered from 200 to 300 (sat & PH) : if you arrive at 10 or 12pm, can leave at 10 to 12am the next day and do not mind the activity of your neighbors, this is a place to consider : the double rooms are very comfortable and clean and come fully equipped. Some even have round bed...