What to see on HK Island !


One busy day in Hong Kong Island ?

The below tour is for reference only.  It starts and finishes in TST and involves a lot of walking.

  • Take the Star Ferry from TST to Wanchai, $2.2
  • Have a look at the HK Convention & Exhibition and its ugly handover’s memorial, fortunately free
  • Go up the panoramic floor of Central Plaza (46F) for a superb view of HK (Mond-Frid 9am to 5pm, Sat 9am to 1pm, Sund closed), free
  • Walk across Wanchai toward the street market of Spring Garden Lane, free
  • Take the outside lift of Hopewell Center going to the revolving restaurant Revolving 66. Go up & down until fed up, free
  • Take bus No11 ($6.1, from near the MTR Station on Queensway) to Aw Boon Garden via Causeway Bay and visit the most bizarre, extravagant, Chinese & endangered garden in HK, free
  • Take a bus back to Victoria Park & Causeway Bay area (Bus No63, $6)
  • Take a tram from Causeway Bay to Admiralty, $2
  • Once in Admiralty, check out Pacific Place, one of the most luxurious Shopping Center (visit the 3rd floor and its art shops), free if you resist buying anything
  • Take the stairs out to Hong Kong Park in the heart of Central, arguably the nicest park of HK. Visit the Museum of Tea ware, the Conservatory and the Aviary, free
  • Leave the park and go up toward the Government House and the Zoological & Botanical Garden to see the impressive monkeys, free
  • Pass Lane Kwai Fong, the gwailo’s bar paradise, and follow Hollywood road
  • Stop for a ride up the Hillside Escalator, the longest covered escalator in the world, free
  • Continue on Hollywood Road to Man Mo Temple and its huge incense coils, free
  • Check the adjacent antique street bazaar (and bizarre) at Upper Lascar Row or “Cat Street”, free
  • Continue on Hollywood Road up to the road sign for Possession Street. This is where a Royal Navy captain claimed possession of HK for Britain in 1841, on what was at the time the shoreline, free
  • Walk the streets of Nam Pak Hong (market streets) toward Western Market, a small classy shopping center
  • Take the tram back east toward Central, $2
  • Check the famous Banks buildings, squares and Legislative Council’s Building, free
  • If the weather is clear, go spend the evening at the Peak. Beside the amazing view, check out the water jets and the commercial center (cheap food available). To go there, use the famous Peak Tram ($28 return, $18 one way) or Bus No15 ($6.7 or 8.8, from Exchange Square)
  • Alternatively, go back to Hopewell Center for more fun in the lift and a look at the red district of Wanchai...
  • Down to earth, take a Ferry back to TST (until 11:30pm from Central, 11pm from Wanchai), $1.7 or $2.2
  • Have a good night sleep after this extensive walk…


More tourism ?

Stanley Market  is the place to go for cheap clothes and souvenirs. You won't be alone and the quality is not always high but the choice is wide, prices reasonable (bargain !) and the view on the way is interesting enough. There is even a beach to relax after shopping and a prison if you do not follow the rules ! Take bus 6 ($7.9), 6A ($8.4), 6X ($8.4) or 260 ($10.6) from Exchange Square in Central.  

On the way to Stanley, you pass the coastline of Deep Water Bay and  Repulse Bay where it is possible to swim. If you plan to stop there, do not pay the full fare from Central. 

From Stanley, Bus 73 ($5.8) will bring you to Aberdeen where it is possible to make sampans tour of the floating fishermen's community. An half an hour tour should cost around $50 and this is the only real reason to come here ! If it was not so expensive, you could also eat at one of the floating restaurant...  From Aberdeen, bus 7 ($5.3) will bring you back to the Star Ferry in Central.

Another way to spend a good full day would be to go to Ocean Park near Aberdeen. Beside the rides and aquatic shows, it offers great view from the cable car and some culturally interesting exhibits in its Middle Kingdom's section.  The cost of $140 is reasonable considering the fun. Take bus 70 ($4.7) from Exchange Square in Central and get off at the first stop after the tunnel). 

During the horse racing season, you could spend an interesting wednesday evening at the Happy Valley Racetrack. Betting on horses is a national pastime : on everage, every HK Chinese bet US$2.000 per year and the HK Jockey Club realizes a turnover of more than US$10 billions...