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Kowloon (TST) The tourists and shopping center, with bay view...
HK Island The banks, the Peak, the tram, the night life... 
Outlying Islands Green relaxing escapes with treks, beaches and buddha... 
Macau Mediterranean atmosphere, churches and casinos... 
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Hong Kong

The City of life !


Backpacker's Survey  Rate : 12.48 /20 (up) Rank : 8 /11 (down)
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 14.13 /20 Rank : 8 /14


>> Description ? A modern dynamic city full of contrasts plus lots of greenery just outside

>> Why go there ? Admire some of the best city panorama in the world / Acclimate yourself with the Chinese world / Get a visa for China / Buy the latest electronic gadgets / Start a business / Visit some of the most colorful & active Chinese temples / Have fun at night / 

>> Drawback ? The cost / The busyness of the locals making business / The ruddiness of the shopkeepers, a few of them also dishonest / The pollution / The cold air cond / The contrast between the rich & the poor / 

>> Cultural Highlights ? The flashy city and its great buildings / Po Lin Monastery and its huge Buddha (Lantau) / A few temples & museums in town / Any market

>> Natural Highlights ? The 100km of the MacLehose Trail (New Territories) / HK Park / Zoological Garden / Kowloon Park / Any Island

>> How long ? 3 days would give you an idea of the place. 5 days are recommended, in particular for a day trip to Macau.

>> Budget ? US$30 per day (tiny room) or US$20 (dorm) excluding shopping or great food.

>> Visa ? No need. 90 days on arrival for most westerners.

>> When to go ? The best time is from October to February. Not too hot and not too humid. Summer is the worst season with averages of 33C and 95% humidity from mid-May to mid-September. Typhoons are likely to occur from July to early October.