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A lot of legal worries in today's world so here we go...

"Even so I have tried to make the information of this site as accurate as possible, I accept no responsibility for any loss, injury, delays or inconvenience sustained by any person using those information."

Travel information are very volatile and subject to change. The information provided by this site were accurate at the time of writing but they could become obsolete today afternoon or tomorrow... You are therefore strongly advised to exert caution and, in particular, to double check the transportations schedules.

Accommodations' prices are for indications only. They are subject to change according to the season, the busyness, the kind of room, the floor, your attitude, your bargaining experience or whether the person you are dealing with did have a good night sleep or not... 

The object of this site is to provide the latest updates to backpackers. But for this, I need your feedback. So, if you have experienced any change, please let me know !  Participate !

The contributions of backpackers appear under the topic "Tips from Backpackers". I have reason to believe that those info are accurate but I did not check them personally.  You are invited to exert caution. 

This site is not exhaustive. Other localities might be worth visiting, other accommodations might be worth staying in, other transport might be worth bumping in...  We will consider adding any practical information you submit. 

A little piece of advice : to enjoy a country best, do not follow Passplanet nor any other guidebook too much : the best places are often the one discovered by oneself !

This site is tied to a number of travel services run by other companies that, we assume, offer guarantees of both quality & seriousness. I reject however any liability arising from the use of those affiliate programs, even if Passplanet's logos appear on the pages. 

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Thank you for your kind understanding and happy trip !

Ben Saint Girons