Central America

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Costa Rica

The Wildness Paradise


Backpackers' Survey  Rate : 11.87 /20 Rank : 4 /5
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 11.38 /20 Rank : 5 /5


>> Description ?  The prime eco-tourism destination in Central America, Costa Rica boost 25% of its territory under National Parks or Wildlife Refuges, 9 active volcanoes and 5% of all life forms on earth... 

>> Why go there ?  Play Indiana Jones in the jungle or cloud forest  / Play Tarzan above the canopy / Watch a volcanic eruption / Listen to some of the 850 species of birds / Snorkel toward colorful fishes / Surf the best wave in Central America / Wind surf a huge lake / Get wet on a class V river / Horse ride toward a waterfall

>> Drawbacks ?  The higher cost to visit / The tourist crowd during high season / The high entrance fees / The difficulty & cost to reach some national parks / The lack of cultural attractions / The wait at the bus stations

>> Cultural Highlights ?  Not much here... Possibly the Caribbean culture found on the North Coast with Creole cuisine, dominos games and reggae atmosphere...

>> Natural Highlights ?  The eruption of Volcano Arenal, the most active and studied volcano in the area / The beaches of P.N. Manuel Antonio, home of  big lizards and monkeys / The "perfect wave" of Puerto Viejo / Any big colorful bird / The wildness of Corcovado N.P. meaning lots of wildlife-spotting opportunities / Kayaking Tortuguero, one of the most important green sea turtle nesting area (between July & October) / 

>> How long ?  Two weeks for a basic tour. One more week for adventures in the remote parks. 

>> Budget ?  $15 per day in the low season, $20 minimum in the peak season. Plus the entrance fees. 

>> Visa ?  Not necessary. 90 days on arrival for most westerners. 

>> When to go ?  During the low (or "green") season in April (after Eastern), May or November. June, September & October also possible but more rain.