Welcome to Center-North China !


The cultural treasures of China...

The Provinces ?  Shaanxi / Ningxia / Inner Mongolia / Beijing / Shanxi / Henan

Why go there ? Because the most impressive cultural relics and monuments of China are on display here...

Drawback ? Seeing more tourists than backpackers (or seeing nobody...)

How long ? Three weeks for a good circular tour...


Suggested itineraries :

  From Itin. Center-West

Lanzhou day visit
N Train, 14h
Xi'an 2 to 3 Variations : Variations :
Bus, 3h30
Huashan 1 to 2 Huashan
 L Bus, 2h  N Train
Xi'an transit Zhengzhou Xi'an
N Train, 8h 1 N Train, 12h
Zhongwei 1 to 3 Pingyao
Train, 3h Train, 2h
Yinchuan day visit Yinchuan Taiyuan
N Train, 8h 1 N Train Bus, 3h30
East Baotou transit Hohhot Wutaishan
Bus, 3h Bus, 6h
Dongsheng 2 Datong
L Bus, 3h30 N Train, 7h
Hohhot  day visit Hohhot Beijing
N Train,12h 1 Bus, 7h N Train, 11h
Beijing 3 to 6 Datong

  >> Qingdao

N Train, 7h 1 N Train, 7h

  >> See East Coast

Datong 1 Beijing


Bus, 6h N Train+Bus, 8h
Wutaishan 2 to 3 Wutaishan
L Bus, 3h30
Taihuai transit
Train, 2h
Pingyao 1 to 2
Train, 2h
Taihuai transit
N Train, 11h 1
Zhengzhou transit
Shaolin, 3h30
Shaolin 2 to 4
Bus, 2h
Luoyang day visit
Bus, 2h
Shaolin 1
Bus, 3h30
Zhengzhou transit
Bus, 2h
Kaifeng 1 to 2
Bus, 5h
Qufu >> Cf. East Coast

  Total duration : 22 to 34 days


The itinerary on the left, personally tested,  is suitable for backpackers who wishes to visit China thoroughly. It prolongates the itinerary "Center-West China" and links with the itinerary "East Coast".  Please refer to each Locality for information & anecdotes for the following trip...

We tried to make those itineraries as complete as possible. Other options & connections to shorten the trip are off course possible.  Refer to each Locality  for more precise options for bus or boat.  Refer to each Province for the appropriate trains' schedules.

The following abbreviations are used :     L = luxury / N = night / S = sleeper (bus)

The numbers on the right of each locality column correspond to the recommended number of nights to spend in one place.