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No 1 : Kratie (the Center)

Global : 16.00/20        Backpackers (1) : 16.00        Criteria : 16.00

Off the tourist track but on the Mekong way, this little place offers a glimpse of traditional Khmer fife, smiles & architecture plus a few good attractions in the surroundings, including fresh water dolphins and plenty of charming fishing villages. The Mekong trip add to the incentive. Visit before the rush, when the border with Laos will be wide open...


No 2 : Siem Reap & Angkor Wat  (the West)

Global : 15.31/20        Backpackers (24) : 16.33       Criteria : 14.29

The main reason to visit Cambodia. You will basically sleep in Siem Reap (lots of guesthouses) and enjoy Angkor (lots of temples) ! But you could also extend your visit to the area as the town's surroundings are also full of sights (Vietnamese fishing village on stilts, jungle, waterfalls, etc) and not all the temples are within the Angkor Complex nor easily accessible...


No 3 : Phnom Penh (the Center)

Global : 13.83/20        Backpackers (21) : 13.38        Criteria : 14.29

The Capital of Cambodia do get bad review from a few travelers but it is nevertheless a must visit : for the streets full of colonial charm, the Mekong riverside full of bars and "happy pizza", the attractive museum full of bats, the Silver Pagoda full of splendid Buddha and also the testimonies of the Khmer Rouge full of atrocities. Some may add "the night life full of girls" but if one visit Cambodia just for that, then he is probably full of shit !


No 4 : Kampot (the South)

Global : 13.78/20        Backpackers (13) : 13.85        Criteria : 13.71

This little town by a river is an excellent example of colonial charm and relaxation. There are plenty of colorful Cham villages to explore by foot in the surroundings, plenty of locals to talk to and plenty of kids to play with. And if you crave for more, a motorbike ride will bring you to a destroyed seaside resort (Kep) or an abandoned hill station (Bokor) inside a national park...


No 5 : Sihanoukville (the South)

Global : 13.74/20        Backpackers (16) : 12.63        Criteria : 14.86

This extended locality is actually a tiny town with lots of greenery stretching toward sandy beaches. Lots of charm, lots of sun and lots of lobsters... A few good panorama or sunset points, temples, waterfalls or casinos (maybe) complete the attractions but a motorbike is a must to enjoy them all !  As for the great opposite islands...


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