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The Treasure Country  !


Backpackers' Survey  Rate : 12.76 /20 (up) Rank : 7 /11 (up)
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 15.20 /20 Rank : 7 /14


>> Description ? A charming relaxed country, wounded by its recent past, with an archaeologist treasure : Angkor Wat

>> Why go there ? Get high by admiring the power and beauty of the old Khmer Civilization / Get low by learning about the power and horror of the recent Khmer Rouge Regime /  Help rebuilt the country by spending your dollars there / Go where few travelers have been as some areas are just getting re-opened /  

>> Drawback ? The scars of the war : the wounded, the beggars, the horror stories,... / The safety issues : the firearms, the land mines, the robberies,...  / The prostitution challenge / The numerous scams of "scambodia"

>> Cultural Highlights ? The Angkor Complex puts shadow to all the other temples of the country / The Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh / The horrible testimonies of the Pol Pot Regime (S21, killing fields,...)

>> Natural Highlights ? The Mekong scenery / The dolphins at Kratie / The Forest Reserves around Kampot / The remote areas of the North

>> How long ? One week minimum for Angkor and Phnom Penh. Another two-three weeks for the rest of the country.

>> Budget ? Count on US$8-10 per day for a room if you eat at food stalls. Then add the entrance fees to Angkor : US$40 for three days !

>> Visa ? Required. Can get a one month visa at the borders or airport : US$20 or (more likely) 1000 Bahts. Bangkok or Saigon are good place to get a visa as well. 

>> When to go ? The best weather bringing too much tourists (December to February), you may prefer the hotter (March to May) or more humid (May to November) months. Avoid summer.