The Top Ten of Asia ?


You will find here the Top 10 of Asia, the localities which got the highest rates to our surveys. 

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No 1 : Kanchanaburi (Thailand)

Global : 16.72/20        Backpackers (20) : 17.00        Criteria : 16.44

Three hours away from Bangkok lies the favorite backpacker's heaven of Thailand. Tourists come here for the infamous River Kwai Bridge and the Erawan Falls, one of the nicest in Asia, but explorers will be rewarded with plenty of other falls, caves and villages. In addition, most of the guesthouses are on the river, there are plenty of them and they are reasonably priced. 


No 2 : Lijiang (China) 

Global : 16.52/20        Travelers (25) : 16.60        Criteria : 16.44

The minority town of Lijiang, north of Yunnan province and next to Tibet, as been a backpackers' heaven for years. This small "Venice of Orient" is one of the most charming spot of China, thanks to its clear water canals running the small cobbled alleys.  The Naxi people, with their markets and traditions, add color and music to the place while the surroundings mountains offers an easy escape to the tourist crowd... 


No 3 : Kuala Kangsar (Malaysia)

Global : 16.25/20        Backpackers (2) : 19.00        Criteria : 13.50

This tiny town between Ipoh and Butterworth is the place to admire the superb Ubudiah Mosque, as well as other striking monuments and traditional houses. Its location by the river and mountains also makes it a very relaxing place from which you could launch natural explorations of the surroundings. Its offer of guesthouses is however quite limited as few people stop here...    


No 4 : Langmusi (China)

Global : 16.10/20        Travelers (21) : 17.10        Criteria : 15.11

The Tibetan village of Langmusi is a relatively new discovered backpackers' spot. With its big Lamasery, friendly locals, surrounding mountains and relative quietness, this place is as close to Tibet as you can get in China.  It is much more peaceful and authentic than the more touristy city of Xiahe in the North, although this might change when it will clearly appear on the traveler's maps...  


No 5 : Kratie (Cambodia)

Global : 16.00/20        Backpackers (1) : 16.00        Criteria : 16.00

Off the tourist track but on the Mekong way, this little place offers a glimpse of traditional Khmer fife, smiles & architecture plus a few good attractions in the surroundings, including fresh water dolphins and plenty of charming fishing villages. The Mekong trip add to the incentive. Visit before the rush, when the border with Laos will be wide open...


No 6 : Xishuangbanna (China)

Global : 15.79/20        Travelers (20) : 14.70        Criteria : 16.89

The region bordering Laos and Burma is another area that would look everything but Chinese if not for the Chinese tourists who come here to experience Thailand without a passport. Its particular way of life makes it a favorite with travelers who have spent any amount of time in China.  Considering the trip involved, people who have been to Thailand or  Laos might however be better off visiting other minorities areas...  


No 7 : Pai (Thailand)

Global : 15.78/20        Backpackers (20) : 16.45        Criteria : 15.11

Another backpacker's heaven to relax in and explore out : countryside, tribes villages, waterfalls,... Very few tourists means low prices and festive atmosphere all year round plus plenty of budget accomodations to choose. But you won't be alone...


No 8 : Yangshuo (China)

Global : 15.63/20        Travelers (23) : 15.70        Criteria : 15.56

China's banana pancake capital remains in good position. But this has probably more to do with its amazing scenery and surrounding villages than the atmosphere of Yangshuo itself, now invaded by tourists, Chinese and westerners alike.  You will appreciate it much more after a few weeks in China than at the beginning of your trip... 


No 9 : Inle Lake (Myanmar)

Global : 15.33/20        Backpackers (22) : 15.55       Criteria : 15.11

The lake is one of the natural wonder of the country and intriguing day tours on it are part of the "must do" of Myanmar. But beside the tourist attraction, the village of Nyaugschwe could also be considered as the backpackers' heaven of Myanmar :  relaxed atmosphere, great natural surroundings to explore, lots of cheap guesthouses and... banana pancakes !


No 10 : Siem Reap & Angkor Wat  (Cambodia)

Global : 15.31/20        Backpackers (24) : 16.33       Criteria : 14.29

The main reason to visit Cambodia. You will basically sleep in Siem Reap (lots of guesthouses) and enjoy Angkor (lots of temples) ! But you could also extend your visit to the area as the town's surroundings are also full of sights (Vietnamese fishing village on stilts, jungle, waterfalls, etc) and not all the temples are within the Angkor Complex nor easily accessible...