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No 1 : Kanchanaburi (the Center)

Global : 16.72/20        Backpackers (20) : 17.00        Criteria : 16.44

Three hours away from Bangkok lies the favorite backpacker's heaven of Thailand. Tourists come here for the infamous River Kwai Bridge and the Erawan Falls, one of the nicest in Asia (but B200 !), but explorers will be rewarded with plenty of other falls, caves and villages. In addition, most of the guesthouses are on the river, there are plenty of them and they are reasonably priced. 


No 2 : Pai (the North)

Global : 15.78/20        Backpackers (20) : 16.45        Criteria : 15.11

Another backpacker's heaven to relax in and explore out : countryside, tribes villages, waterfalls,... Very few tourists means low prices and festive atmosphere all year round plus plenty of budget accomodations to choose. But you won't be alone...


No 3 : Mae Salong (the North)

Global : 14.89/20        Backpackers (8) : 16.00        Criteria : 13.78

A Chinese (Kuomintang) village set in beautiful mountains scenery with tea, coffee & fruits plantations. Cool weather, great view, lots of treks, colorful tribes people,... What else do you need ? Maybe that the Chinese switch off the karaoke... No place is perfect !


No 4 : Nan (the north)

Global : 14.79/20        Backpackers (10) : 16.70        Criteria : 12.89

A small town with an original past (as demonstrated in the museum), few travelers, good trekking opportunities (in particular in the nearby National Park) and a nice guesthouse. 


No 5 : Soppong / Tham Lod (the North)

Global : 14.69/20        Backpackers (10) : 15.60        Criteria : 13.78

Soppong is a small relaxing village with tribes people and a countryside to explore. Tham Lod is a huge cave in the middle of nowhere, with two attached guesthouses, a river and lots of birds. Mix the two and enjoy !


No 6 : Sukhothai (the North)

Global : 14.19/20        Backpackers (21) : 15.05 (up)        Criteria : 13.33

Thailand's first capital offers plenty of great ruins & old Buddha in a peaceful countryside surroundings.


No 7 : Chiang Khan (the North-East)

Global : 14.06/20        Backpackers (6) : 14.33        Criteria : 13.78

A small town by the Mekong with lots of charm within and tons of exploration around : caves, waterfall, hidden monasteries, "end of the world" village,... This is also a good place to store lots of info about the whole "Isan" area.


No 8 : Bangkok (the Center) (up)

Global : 14.00/20        Backpackers (23) : 14.22 (up)        Criteria : 13.78

The capital of Thailand is arguably one of the most interesting city in Asia : impressive palace, teak houses, temples & Buddha, good museums, narrow streets & khlongs, huge & colorful markets, frantic night life, lots of culture shocks plus a weird & cheap backpacker's reserve (Khao San Road ).


No 9 : Sang Khom (the North-East) (down)

Global : 13.89/20        Backpackers (3) : 14.00       Criteria : 13.78

A small village by the Mekong with very laid back locals and a few natural attractions, including an impressive waterfall. Take a bungalow by the river and relax ! Rent a bike and explore !  Go out and make friends ! This is Isan at its best !


No 10 : Ayuthaya (the Center)

Global : 13.82/20        Backpackers (20) : 14.30        Criteria : 13.33

Another former capital of Thailand, surrounded by water and full of ruins of old Wat. Being so closed from Bangkok and rather developped, the atmosphere is not as relaxing as in Sukhothai but there are still great bike out opportunities and the sights are impressive enough.


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