Welcome to the South of Thailand !


Note : Contrary to the other areas of Thailand, I did not go back there recently (last trip in 1995). Practical info are therefore much more limited. Help me complete this section !

The localities partly covered are the followings :

If you have visited other places that you think should be included, participate to Passplanet by covering new localities. The information will be published under your name. 

Suggested Itineraries :

Localities Nights
Bangkok 3 to 5
Train, 8h
Chumphon transit or exploration
>> new beaches 
N Boat, 5-7h
Ko Tao ?
Boat, 3h
Ko Pha-Ngan ?
Boat, 1h
Ko Samui ?
N Boat, 6h
Surat Thani transit
Bus, ?
Khao Sok 1 to 3
Bus, ?
Phuket Town 1 to 3
Bus, 2h
Phang-Nga 1 or 2
Bus, 2h
Krabi ?
Boat, 2h
Ko Lanta ?
Boat, 2h
Krabi transit
Bus, ?
Hat Yai transit
Bus, ?

  Total duration : can not tell with all those paradises...


Backpacker's Tips :  Paul Bonner, UK  (Janv 08)
Phi Phi is really good, but too many people are going there now, but still go all the same.
Ranong is not just for people who want a visa run. It has hotsprings, nice luxury and budget hotels, and a national park nearby, good beaches, but a little cold as it rains a lot there. The nearby island of Koh Phayam and Koh Chang (not the one near Pattaya) are nice for a relaxing break. The Kiwi Orchid GH near the bus station is a little run down, so good for food and info, but sleep in town.
Koh Tao in rainy season floods like nothing you will be used to, Try driving a moped through the water that used to be the roads!