Welcome to the North-East of Thailand !


The localities covered are the followings :

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Suggested Itineraries :

Localities Nights Variations :
Bangkok 3 to 5


Train, 2h

Night Bus, 8h

Ayuthaya 2 to 3 Loei >> Reverse trip
Train, 4h           
Khorat 1
Bus, 1.5h
Phimai 1 to 2
various, 6h
Ubon 1 to 3 Ubon >> Cf. Laos
Bus, 3h
Mukdahan 1 to 2
Bus, 1h
That Phanom 1 to 3
Bus, 1h
Nakhon Phanom transit
Bus, 4.5h
Beung Kan 2 to 4
Bus, 2h
Nong Khai 1 to 2
Bus, 2.5h
Sang Khom 2 to 4
various, 3h
Chiang Khan 2 to 4
Songthaew, 1.5h
Loei transit Loei
Night Bus, 8h Bus, 4h
Bangkok Phitsanulok >> Cf. The North

  Total duration : 17 to 33 days


Introduction to the area :

The Northeast of Thailand, also referred to as I-san, covers 170,000 square kms (one third of the country !) and is delimited by the Mekong (the natural border with Laos) and Cambodia to the east. 

This is certainly the most authentic part of Thailand (the only area where some local people still wai at you) and there is a rather delectable laid back atmosphere. But of course, most local people do not speak English yet.

The attractions are surprisingly original and numerous : old Khmer structures, great temples, national parks full of caves, strangely shaped rocks or waterfalls and, of course, the Mekong riverbank. 

And if this was not enough, fairs & festivals seem to take place every couple of weeks. These include the colorful & fumic Bun Bang Fai ("Big Bang" Rocket Festival, May & June), the Candle Festival of Udon Thani (July), the illuminate boat procession of Nakhon Phanom (Oct or Nov), the Elephant Show of Surin (November), the Wax Castle Festival of Sakon Nakhon, the Kites competition of Buriram (December) and plenty of dragon boat races (Oct or Nov)

Strangely enough considering the above, I-San is the least visited part of the country : so far, most visitors cross it only on their way to & from Laos or Cambodia. It is true that the dry & hot weather (the reason you see huge water jars at every house) scares a few people off. The best time to visit is during the rainy season. But this is the area of Thailand with the most potential of growth and it is a matter of years before visitors flock "en masse". Visit it while it is still peaceful...