Thailand's North-East


There is little reason to stop in this large city except if you wish to cross the Mekong toward expensive Tha Khaek, visit the few temples, walk the big market or shop around. As for the view across the river toward Lao mountains, you will get a glance at it from the bus to or from That Phanom and, truly, it is not that special...

If you need to stay, the cheapest room (B120) is at Wiang Inn while other hotels charge between 140 and 200 for rooms w. shower & little extra. 

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Bus Schedules :  

To Price Class Duration Time Nb Freq.
Nong Khai 90/130 fan/ac '7/6 6 to 11/7:30,9:30 a few/2 hour/na
Sakhon Nakhon 30 fan 1.5 7:30 to 15:30 a few hour
Udon Thani 70 fan 5 '5:40,7,8,12 4 na
That Phanom 18/31 fan/ac 1 6 to 17 a lot 30mn
Mukdahan 34/61 fan/ac 3 6 to 17 a lot 30mn
Bangkok 235/293 fan/ac2 ? 17/6:45,8:30,16:30,17,17:30 1/6 na

Note : To Bangkok, also two companies w. ac buses

The trip to Beung Kan & A Hong Village  : SSSS / R / B70 / 4.5 hrs / Fan bus
A bus to Nong Khai was scheduled to leave at 10am and, indeed, it left on time, with a few passengers only. No choice but to follow the timetable. There was however no timetable for arrival time... So the bus stopped soon afterward for 15mn to try to get more passengers. It failed. In order probably not to be caught up by the 11am bus, the driver eventually went back to action. Very slow motion action. A lady came to explain me that the speed in the city was restricted and that we therefore we could not go faster. Kids on bicycles were however allowed to...
Nong Khai being 313km away, it was not possible to delay forever so we left for goods at 10:45. But at 12:15, I became the only passenger left. The filling- up-a-bit procedure was implemented again : wait 15mn followed by slow speed followed by another 15mn wait. We left for good at 13 and reached Beung Kan at 14:15 where everyone got off... 
There was however one part which requested speed : my personal stop at A Hong at 15:00. Two minutes before reaching it, the ticket guy came to pick up my bag and point me toward the exit. As I was given no parachute, I insisted the bus stop before I start preceding. I am deeply sorry and I apologize unreservedly : because of me, the passengers arrived two minutes late at Nong Khai...
OK, so it was a long journey with even longer waits. But what about the scenery ? Well, it was nice but those who expect a cruise by the Mekong will be disappointed : you can sometimes spot Lao mountains but the road is usually too far away to appreciate the river beauty. Reading or sleeping will therefore provide a good alternative to the monotonous paddy fields.

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