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Description :
A relaxed town with the tallest Buddhist monument in the world as well as the holiest of Thailand

Comments : On your way between Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, stop here for a couple of hours. It isn't really worth spending the night here except if you wish to be one of the earliest to reach the nearby floating market (but then, it might be better to sleep at Damnoen Saduak directly)

What to do ? Say "wow, it's big" ! / Say "thank you" after getting a map of town at the Tourist Services Center on the east of the Chedi / Say it one more time after they agree to keep your bag while you visit the place / Walk inside the Chedi via the east entrance (free) / Walk around couple of times : from the outside, the inside and the upper level / Go down a small cave to pay tribute to the golden Happy Monk and see a monk bric-a-brac / See two reclining Buddha, one of them wearing a good layer of gold / Visit the small museum (9 to 12 & 13 to 16 from Wed to Sund but do not loose sleep if you miss it) / Exit via the north entrance and walk the market toward the train station / If in the mood, walk 20mn west to Sanam Chan Palace's Park / There, see a statue of King Rama VI, a statue of his dog, where he lived (nice) and where two of his wives lived (not as nice) / Come back in town to board a bus / If spending the night here, get up early for the floating market

What you may not like ? Paying B20 for entering the Chedi via the north entrance / The lack of guesthouses / The disappointingly small Sanam Chan Palace & the ridiculous admission cost to go inside (B50, 10 to 16, Thurs to Sund) / The traffic within the park, making it lost most of its charm / The disappointing floating market during week day / The touristy floating market during WE / 

How long ? Couple of hours should be just fine, at a leisurely pace

Where to stay ? 

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online and save money !

No guesthouses and the cheapest room at B200. Are you still sure you wishes to spend the night here ?

  • Mitpaisan Hotel, first road on the right when you exit the train station / Room w. shower 200, w. TV B250 / The best deal in town : the rooms are OK indeed even so not so fresh.
  • The two other places, on the west of the Chedi (Siam Hotel & Mitsampant Hotel) are similarly priced but noisier and not as nice. 

Where to eat ? Around the market could be a good option. 

Coming/Leaving by train ? From Bangkok, the only morning train during week day is leaving from Thon Buri (Bangkok Noi Train Station) at 7:40 (arr. 9:20). On Sat & Sund, another train is added at 6:30 (arr. 7:45)

The floating market ? The market at Damnoen Saduak (1 hour away) is only worth seeing during WE and is at its best on Sunday. The only real reason to spend the night in Nakhon Pathom is to reach it before the tourist crowd from Bangkok, that is at 6 or 7. By 8, it should be too late... Buses No78 pass regularly South of the Chedi (B24 AC)

Backpacker's Tips : Tam Chiwai, Hong Kong (Sept 00)
 A place you can visit is the floating market.  I quite like it there, very colorful, clean, no awful smell like the one in Bangkok. Better go there early : it start at 06:00am, by 08:00am will become crowded with tourists, so you better stay in town the night before. The town is not big, mostly are floating houses, you always find yourself walking in front of their door by the river, since this is the only passage. From Bangkok south bus station, bus go frequenlty to Damnoen Saduak, take 2hrs, B55 for AC bus. Stay at Little Bird Hotel, B170, B300 with AC. From town to the floating market, you can walk for 2km or take a songtheaw out on the main road for B5. Heard that there is a local family house renovated into a guesthouse, you can stay there for 250Bhat a day, they can teach you Thai cooking & you can learn Thai speaking, also you can paddle their small boat to the market in the morning. Sound like fun. You can check it at the tourist information office in Bangkok.

 << Discover the floating market

The trip to Kanchanaburi : SS / L&R / B25 / 1.5 hrs / Fan
Buses no81 from Bangkok passes every 15mn or so south of the Chedi. The trip is slightly better than from Bangkok with a few mountains in the background and a few sited Buddha but all this should not prevent you to take a nap...
The bus station at Kanchanaburi is 2km away from most of the GH and 5 km away from the Death Railway Bridge so a lot of Tuk-Tuk driver are eager to get your attention. Using their service should cost B15 to B25. Otherwise, walk 5mn north to the intersection of Saengchuto Rd with Bovon Rd for a B5's regular songthaews. It leaves when full and remains on the main road so you will have to walk a bit...

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