Thailand's South

by Aurelien Reys, France (Oct 03)

Global Mark : 12.00

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5 60% (3) 40% (2) 40% (2) na 12.00

Description : A very beautiful island used to make the movie "the beach" but ultra-touristic with a small touristic town in its heart

What to do ? walking, climbing, canoe, take a bath, take the sunshine, eat european or thai food, snorkelling, diving, and make big parties before

What you may not like ? prices, see much more occidental than thai people, feel uncomfortable sometimes by damn ultra-tourism, some dirty beaches,...

Where to stay ? 
jungle hill cottage, situated just after the steps to viewpoint, a bit off the town, quiet (important here), really nice room for 200 baths after bargain in november (beginning at the hight season)

Where to eat ?  at the local market during the day, wherever you want later on!

What to see/visit ? blue cristal water and white sand beaches, the view point, "isolated" beaches coming with long walk, ko phi phi don ("the beach" of di caprio), other island, corals during snorkelling and leaopard sharks if you dive...

Transportation ?
To krabi / 200 bath usual price, but can bargain it cheaper if you take directly the ticket on the boat like usually in thailand (bargained for 160 baths, possible cheaper?) / 2 hours / 2 or 3 per day, depend of the season
You can go to phuket as well

Additional information :
this is really a beautiful island, for sure, but it's really really touristic! go there to spend good time and enjoy beaches, don't if you are looking for something genuine or feel travelling

Backpacker's Tips : Kelley Turner, USA (April 06)
When we were here in January 2006, there was still a lot of apparent devastation from the 2004 tsunami. Washed out roads, trash on the beaches and sewage smells in some areas. However, the overall feeling of the area was actually a lot friendlier and relaxed than the Krabi beaches. There were also a lot more cheap guesthouses than I anticipated, many ranging from 400-700THB, but I think this may be due to low business right now. Head out of the main area a bit to find a guesthouse where the atmosphere is nicer. We took a snorkeling trip off of Koh Phi Phi Ley with The Adventure Club and highly recommend them. They have done much of the underwater and beach cleanups since the tsunami and are very environmentally conscious. We also snorkeled in a great spot away from the throngs of other tour groups.


Krabi / Phuket



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