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How to enjoy Singapore best ?

Follow the rules of the society. Littering, smoking in public places, carrying a durian in the subway or criticizing Singapore too loudly will bring you nothing but trouble. Trafficking drug (from 15g of heroin) will bring you a body sheet.

Visit Singapore during the Chinese New Year. At this time of the year, things are a little bit more crazy, colorful and authentic than usual with lots of markets, decorations and people in the streets.

Eat at food courts whenever possible and be adventurous with the food on display. Eating in Singapore is a rewarding and relatively cheap experience.

Be open to any conversation with the talkative locals. Even if it means listening to praises or monologues, it will be an interesting experience. It is not too common in Asia that everybody speak good English !

Visit Singapore after a while on the dusty roads. You will enjoy this return to civilization better...

Compare the prices carefully and know your product. For electronic, wonder whether the cost difference is worth the limited consumer support & protection.  Also, when possible, check whether your stuff is working before leaving the shop. This is not always the case...


How to reduce the costs ?

Do not buy any guidebook : between internet's info, all the documents and maps handed by the well organized Tourist Offices and the English of the locals, visiting Singapore is as easy as it can be in Backpacking Land. 

Surf the web later, once in Malaysia. Connections are as good and it is two to three times cheaper !

Drink water from the tap. It is perfectly safe and much cheaper than the mineral water...

For alcohol, drink early. Most pubs have happy hours that significantly reduce the costs.

Eat at food courts or small restaurants instead of western fast foods. Two or three times cheaper and so much more authentic !

For the MRT or the public buses, buy a fare card (Stored Value Ticket) to enjoy discounted rates. After your last trip, you can give it back to be reimbursed the balance left. The Tourist Day Ticket allows you to take up to 12 rides for $10, not a bargain except if spending the day on public transports. 

If you take taxi, share it ! An electronic device at the most busy stations let you display your destination on a screen so that other people queuing can join you. There is a surcharge on week day if going to the Central Business District (CBD) from 7:30 to 19:00 and another one for other districts between 7:30 to 9:30. There is a 50% surcharge between 12am and 6am, a $5 extra from the airports and a $2 extra from Singapore Expo. Otherwise, it cost $2.40 for the first km and $0.10 for every 240m (up to 10km) or 225m (after 10km) thereafter.

If you plan to buy for more than $300 of goods and are flying from Singapore, then shop at outlets with the Tax-free shopping logo and ask for your Global Refund Cheque (purchases of $100 minimum). At the airport, show your cheques to be reimbursed the 3% Goods and Services tax (GST).

If you plan to spend less or do not fly, then shop at outlets where the tax is absorbed. Most of those shops will however levy it if you pay by credit card.

Combine a visit to the zoo with a visit to the night safari and save $4.15 (combined ticket : $21.60). It is in the same area so it also make sense...

Tour the city with SIA Hop-On AC Bus service for $5 per day (unlimited ride)

Going to KL, Melaka or the east coast, take a bus from Johor Bahru in Malaysia instead of a straight bus from Lavender St Bus Station. It will take a bit longer but work out much cheaper.

But remember that enjoying a trip is sometimes or from time to time worth a little bit more... Backpacking is more about the bag than the money !


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