Survey Countries !


You are just coming back from a trip or you have visited some places before (but less than two years ago) ? Tell us what you think !  The data collected will be used to upgrade our surveys. 

To be fair to the countries/territories, backpackers who wish to participate should have spent sufficient time traveling  to know what they are talking about. The minimum requirements are the followings :

  • 1 day : Macau
  • 3 days : Hong Kong, Singapore
  • 1 week : Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, El Salvador
  • 2 weeks : Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Honduras
  • 3  weeks : China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Guatemala

Please follow those easy steps :

1/ Copy the following form (CTRL C) and paste it (CTRL V) into the body of your e-mail
2/ Answer the form's questions (you could do it offline)
3/ Send it to pass@... instead of under the subject "Passplanet Survey Country"
4/ Repeat the operation for the other countries that you visited

Thank you !


---------- beginning form ----------


1/ Write the name of the country that you wish to survey :

Country :

2/ For each aspect of the country enter your selections from 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the best). 
If you do not know, write "?"

Tourists Attractions :
Cities Scenery :
Natural Scenery :
Cultural opportunities :
Food :
Infrastructures :
Cost of traveling & living :
Safety :
Cleanliness :
Pollution :
Shopkeepers' attitude :
Minorities' attitude (if applicable) :
Locals' attitude :
Entertainment / Night life :
Shopping :
Value for money (quality/cost) : 
Generally, the country :

4 / Then, some "yes" or "no" questions : 

Do you like the country :
Would you happily come back :
Would you recommend it :

4 / Please precise  : 

How long did you travel the country :
How many times did you visit :
Last visit started which month :
What year :
Your gender (M/F) :

5/ If you wish, answer also the followings :

Your name :
Your age :
Your nationality :
Your email address :
How did you hear about Passplanet :
Any comment / suggestion : 

Please send the form to pass@... instead of under the subject "Passplanet Survey Country"

Thank you !

PS: answering the survey is nice but it is far from being as useful to other backpackers as updating or completing the info. If you have been using Passplanet, kindly take the time to participate in return!

---------- end form ----------