Cover a new Locality !


You have visited nice places that Passplanet did not cover yet ?  Then share your travel expertise with other backpackers ! We will create a page to host your new locality under your name... 

Ideally, we would like all localities to follow Passplanet's general architecture (as below). But never mind if you do not have some of the info : Passplanet is flexible !  Do not hesitate to contact me if any query. 

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Please follow those easy steps :

1/ Copy the following form (CTRL C) and paste it (CTRL V) into the body of your e-mail
2/ Try to answer  as many of the form's questions as possible (you should do it offline)
3/ Send it to pass@... instead of under the subject "Update"

Thank you !


---------- beginning form ----------


1/ General info :

Country :
Locality :
Province / area :

2/ Travelers' Rating for the locality (try to ask other backpackers what they think of the locality) :

Nb travelers surveyed :
How many liked :            
                did not like :
How many would come back :
                          not come back :
How many would recommend it :
                          not recommend it :
Average rating (1 to 20) : 

3/ Your Criteria Rating, from 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the best) : 

Charm :
Scenery :
Parks :
Culture :
Minorities :
Market :
Relax :
Fiesta :
Cost :

4/ Complete the followings :

Brief description & comments : 
What to do :
What you may not like :
Where to stay (guesthouses) :
Where to eat (local food) : 
What to see/visit :
Communication (internet, tel, etc) :
Other practical addresses :

5/ Transportation information :

To :
Price :
Type :
Duration trip :
Schedules :
Number :
Frequency :

Note : if more than one destination, please copy & paste the above questions

Additional comments on transportation :
Itinerary advises :
Your trip to the next destination :

6/ Anything else :

Additional information :

7 / Please precise  : 

How long did you travel the country :
How many times did you visit :
Last visit started which month :
What year :

Your name :
Your gender (M/F) :
Your nationality :
Your email address :

8/ Change the below answers if you disagree to have the following data eventually displayed under the new locality,   in "Backpacker's Tips" and/or "Contributors"

Your name & nationality : yes
Anonymous : no

9/ If you wish, answer also the followings :

Your age :
How did you hear about Passplanet :
Any comment / suggestion : 

Please send the form to pass@... instead of under the subject "New locality"

Thank you !

---------- end form ----------


Important notes : Info submitted shall become the propriety of Passplanet. We  reserve the right to publish it or not, according to its degree of relevance and the interest of the locality. It might also be necessary to modify its presentation/content. In this last case, we will contact you to get your approval before publication.