Travel Tips for Nicaragua ?


You will find here some advises on :


How to enjoy Nicaragua best ?

Talk to the people ! This is one of the best attraction of Nicaragua ! Of course, this suppose to be able to speak a bit of Spanish.

Visit Nicaragua after some time already on the roads. Due to its geographical location, this is the case with most travelers. The relaxed atmosphere will be more appreciated that way. 

Allow enough time (& money). This is a small country and the number of places to visit is limited but most people wish that they could spend more time around. 


How to save money ?

Drink tap water when told you can by other travelers (of course, there is always a small risk). Some hotels have free cold water available for guest but it is usually not purified. Was perfectly fine with me. 

Carry US$ in cash to avoid the bad exchange rates with TC or the additional cost of plastic. 

Eat by the street rather than in restaurants. It is hygienic enough and reasonably tasty. Beside, you get the street atmosphere for free ! The normal barbecued meat plus rice-beans cost from as little as C12 (less than US$1).

Do not get expensive western cookies from the supermarkets but relatively fresh baked pastries from the numerous pasteria. The taste is local but it is cheap. 

But remember that enjoying a trip is sometimes or from time to time worth a little bit more... Backpacking is more about the bag than the money !


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