The Localities


Best Locality Number surveyed Backpacker's Ratings Criteria' Ratings Global Mark
1 Leon 16 15.38 16.50 15.94
2 Ometepe 27 15.41 14.50 14.95
3 Granada 25 15.24 14.00 14.62
4 San Juan del Sur 10 14.90 12.50 13.70
5 Masaya 8 13.50 12.00 12.75
6 Poneloya 6 13.83 10.50 12.17


Backpacker's Tips : Anthony Asael (March 04): Corn Island
« Transport with airline La Costeña: about 110 US… but possible to negotiate… to a lot less…. I flew last minute for 65US.
Travel between island is expensive and cost 90C (6US). I really wonder how the local people can pay it.
Casa Iguana did a good marketing on the net, to claim that they are the place to be in Little Corn. A Gringo opened it 5-6 years ago. Nice location, but very bad price/quality proportion. VERY American atmosphere…. So be prepared….
Go better to Derek’s plance. Cost is 5-20us. Walk from port is about 20 minutes but really worth it. Furthermore, Derek and Ana cook excellent !!
Restaurant Elsa: also excellent fish and lobster for 100C but very slow service, but who cares you can lay on the beach waiting and star to the sunset.
Diving is expensive (50us) but very professional and the diving spot are spectacular » 


Selection not exhaustive : other places are of course worth going to. 
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