Central America

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The relaxing charm


Backpackers' Survey  Rate : 13.67 /20 Rank : 2 /5
Passplanet's Survey  Rate : 16.62 /20 Rank : 1 /5


>> Description ?  With a good mix of colonial towns, wildness, beaches and local hospitality, Nicaragua is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable country in the area. 

>> Why go there ?  Wander around the splendid colonial towns, visiting the many churches along the way / Party with the local students / Surf big waves / Enjoy a sandy beach on your own / Spot howler monkeys in a cloud forest / Swim in a lake at the top of a volcano / Stuff yourself with pastries or mangos / Relax and get your energy back 

>> Drawbacks ?  The need to cross Managua, the dangerous capital / The costs while changing money means that you need to carry some US$ banknotes / The entry and exit taxes for a total of US$9 / The humidity, temperature, higher cost, lack of transports and insects of the Atlantic Coast / The need to leave one day...

>> Cultural Highlights ?  There aren't any major cultural sights but the two colonial cities of Leon and Granada boosts a fair number of charming structures and a few museums / The complex ethnicity of the Atlantic Coast

>> Natural Highlights ?  The deserted wild beach of Poneloya / The sight of the two Ometepe's volcanoes rising from the waters of huge lago de Nicaragua / The foggy lake at the top of Volcan Maderas at 1345m / The surf spots near San Juan del Sur / Hiking near the mountain town of Matagalpa / The jungle wildness of the Atlantic Coast 

>> How long ?  Two weeks for a relaxed tour of the main attractions. Another few weeks for an adventure around Bluefields  ?

>> Budget ?  $10 per day or less if eating in basic restaurant.

>> Visa ?  Not necessary. 90 days on arrival for most westerners. 

>> When to go ?  From the weather or touristy point of views, on-the-track Nicaragua can basically be visited year-round !