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How to enjoy Malaysia best ?

If a girl, dress discretely. There are already enough sexual harassment around...

Do not be shy about having discussions with local people. Most of them speak good English, have interesting things to share and are very happy to converse. This is rare enough in Asia. 

Drink fruit juices or syrup in plastic bags instead of mineral water in plastic bottles. It is more refreshing (as mixed with safe ice), more colorful, more tasty and slightly less expensive. And for a whole cultural experience, try ABC : a mix of everything ! 

Eat at night markets whenever possible and be adventurous with the food on display. Eating in Malaysia is a very rewarding experience, thanks to the multi-cultural society. With so much variety around, ordering an hamburger should be considered an insult... 

Do not use drug. Most official documents handed to tourists carries the following sentence : "Trafficking in illegal drugs carries the death penalty". You have been warned. Consumption is not too popular either.


How to keep the low cost even lower ?

Do not buy any guidebook : between internet's info, all the documents and maps handed by the well organized Tourist Offices or the guesthouses and the English of the locals, traveling Malaysia is as easy as it can be in Backpacking Land. 

Same as above but for another reason, avoid the expensive mineral water in bottles. Buy just one and then fill it up during your whole trip with boiled water from the guesthouses.

Follow the Muslim's code of conduct (except of course with the girls) and remain sober. Beer is as expensive as a basic room.

Eat at the night markets, of course.

Do not hesitate to ask for a discount for your room in low season or if you stay for a couple of days. But keep smiling...

Do not take tuk-tuk or taxi in the cities. Walk ! Most cities are relaxed and colonial enough to make such activity pleasant.

But remember that enjoying a trip is sometimes or from time to time worth a little bit more... Backpacking is more about the bag than the money !


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