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No 1 : Kuala Kangsar (West Coast)

Global : 16.25/20        Backpackers (2) : 19.00        Criteria : 13.50

This tiny town between Ipoh and Butterworth is the place to admire the superb Ubudiah Mosque, as well as other striking monuments and traditional houses. Its location by the river and mountains also makes it a very relaxing place from which you could launch natural explorations of the surroundings. Its offer of guesthouses is however quite limited as few people stop here...    


No 2 : Cameron Highlands (West Coast)

Global : 14.82/20        Backpackers (22) : 15.64        Criteria : 14.00

This hill station is surrounded by jungles, tea plantations, strawberries farms and villages inhabited by Orang Asli. Its cool climate makes it popular year round and recent development has somehow spoiled the view a bit but it remains one of the most relaxing spot of Malaysia. Backpackers will also find here some excellent guesthouses with tons of video to watch and restaurants with tons of pancakes to degust. 


No 3 : Melaka (West Coast)

Global : 14.55/20        Backpackers (20) : 14.60        Criteria : 14.50

The main historical spot of Malaysia offers Portuguese, Dutch and British sights as well as an excellent museum, a charming Chinatown and numerous temples , churches and mosque. It is of course quite touristy but backpackers have their own settlement with plenty of guesthouses to choose from.  


No 4 : Penang (West Coast)

Global : 13.86/20        Backpackers (21) : 12.71        Criteria : 15.00

Some tourists come here to relax by the beach of expensive hotels. But the beach isn't too nice. The town of Georgetown however is charming with its little streets full of life, temples and guesthouses. This big island, connected to the Peninsula by the longest bridge in Asia, also host fishing villages, farms, gardens and the largest temple in Malaysia. It is busy but it makes sense... 


No 5 : Kuala Lumpur (West Coast)

Global : 13.73/20        Backpackers (22) : 12.95        Criteria : 14.50

This capital is one of the nicest in Asia and set a number of world's records. Its buildings (old or new) are strikingly beautiful, its museums are excellent, its gardens very relaxing and its streets full of life and markets. The surrounding Province of Selangor also extend the offering with an Hindu Cave, the superb "Blue Mosque" and numerous other attractions.


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