The East Coast of Malaysia

by Aurelien Reys, France (June 04)

Global Mark : 13.50

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4 4 4 3 1 5 1 4 13.00

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2 100% 100% 100% na 14.00

Description : A lake with lotus flowers in the middle of a light jungle where living on the coast the original habitants of malaysia, the orang asli (men of the ground), and inside big fishes (legend about a kind of loch ness as well)

What to do ? rent a shitty woodcanoe (15RM) and get fun on the lake, playing with lotus flower, discovering the other kind of fauna and flora, visiting
orang asli villages, give english or drawing course in the local school, try to get a big fish (up to 1 meter minimum)(free fishline), make a night jungle walk, the quiet atmosphere with nice people around,...

What you may not like ? mosquito (a lot of them!!), fighting to bring back the canoe on the coast, falling in the lake (scarry with all these big fishes indide!), don't catch any fish, the climate very hot and very wet,...

Where to stay ?  Kijang Mas Gumum chalet, from 10RM dormbed,  chalet available, near the lake, correct, good familial atmosphere

Where to eat ?  Kijang Mas Gumum chalet, same! for 10 RM breakfast and good dinner. Shop for cookies and noddles if not enought...

Transportation ?
You have no choice but to go via Kuantan.
Kuatan to tasik cini (bus stop near) / then call the guesthouse for a lift - 522 1448 - / Price :6 RM / 5RM per person / 2h15 / one bus in morning time, not a lot during the day

Additional information ?  Don't expect anything about the minority, the orang asli. They are civilisated people like anyone else in malaysia, there
are not tribal. Economically a bit poorer compare people living in cities, they have so other "feeling" of the life. For example I was sick and the owner of the guesthouse gave me something special to drink and say me that if it will become worst, I could buy a chicken and give it to a sorcerer to cure me!!!

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