The East Coast of Malaysia

by Aurelien Reys, France (June 04)

Global Mark : 12.75

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4 5 5 1 1 3 3 3 12.50

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2 100% 50% 100% na 13.00

Description : a national park made inside one of the oldest jungle in the world, where you can see tigers (or suppose to!), beautiful trees, and plenty of other kind of wildlife, even so you will see more insects and leeches than other animals.

What to do ? daytime or nighttime jungle walk, try the canopy walkway in using bridges situated on the top of the trees 20 meters above the ground,
visit caves, waterfalls, boat on the river, or all of them in a 2-7 days trek

What you may not like ? mosquitos again and everywhere, even worse are leeches (almost everyone get some after a long walk in the jungle!), have to pay each time than you want cross the river (1/2RM) each time than you want cross the river separating the park in two parts, the climate really really hot and really really wet

Where to stay ?  Tembeling river hostel, 10 RM dorm bed, mosquitonet, just ok, anyway you will get a lot of choice of guesthouses around

Where to eat ?  just in restaurant attached with the guesthouse, or on floatingboat on the river, a bit nicer!

Transportation ?
From Jerentut (easy to reach, on the railway) you can take a combination of share taxi and a boat to reach the head quarter of the park Price :5 rm + 19 rm / 15 min + 2h30 / 2 or 3 during the day

Additional comments on transportation ? 
Another way (cheap one, 6 RM) to get to the hq of the park and much cheaper is to go directly to the bus station and take a local bus going to a village situated almost in the park, but I forgot the name, difficult to have the information because everyone pretend that there is only the touristic way to reach the park, of course...

After ? Back to Jerentut and down by train to Johor Bahru


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