The East Coast of Malaysia


Global Mark : 10.95

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Market Relax Fiesta 


2 4 1 2 3 4 1 3 10.00

Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend  Range AVER.
11 64% (7) 55% (6) 45% (5) 6 to 15 11.91

Description : A fishing village with little but atmosphere

Comments : At the time of writing, the village & beaches were disfigured by the construction of a pier to allow departures whatever the tide. A resort was also in construction. Future will tell whether or not it is still worth stopping...

What to do ? Walk around the villages, in the countryside or by the beaches / Spot colorful boats / If going to the island, store on snacks & drinks as choice is limited & more expensive / Relax by your GH / Eat a lot at the well garnished night market / 

What you may not like ? The probable future development / The memory of how charming & relaxing it was before

How long ? Half a day should be long enough but you may decide to relax longer... 

Where to stay ? 

Hotels  << Get precise info, book online & save money !

  • Green Mango Inn (609 6182040), A71 Bandar Marang, 3mn walk from the main road (road sign to Kapas Island Resort, before Police Station) , on a hill above the jetty and the new resort / Dorm (3) 10, Bungalow or room 15 / Free tea & coffee all day long / Free use of kitchen / Go there for the relaxed backpackers' atmosphere, the great natural setting in a tiny tropical garden (with fishes) and the cheapest cost / What you may not like : the too relaxed atmosphere ?
  • Island View Resort (09 6182006), 5mn walk North from the market & piers / Room w. shower 20, w. AC 30 / Go there for the lovely garden full of flowers / What you may not like : the basic & grotty fan rooms off the garden 
  • Kamal GH (09 182181), 100m further / Bungalow 12, w shower 20 / Go there for the cheapest correct bungalow and the family atmosphere / What you may not like : the limited garden and English skills
  • Marang GH (09 618976), small road up the hill just behind the above / Room in bungalow 20, fresher 25, w. AC 50 to 80 / Go there for the view and to have a look at the "fresher" room if available / What you may not like : the grotty look of the cheapies

Where to eat ? There is a small but good night market by the piers.

Internet ? Only one expensive place (R4 per hour then R3, min. one hour) with complicated schedules (10am to midnight with breaks daily except Thursday & Friday morning) : Cyber Kic, No8 Gerai MSM 

Leaving Marang ?
In season, boats to Pulau Kapas leave daily from 9am to 5-6pm.
There are regular buses during the day to Kuala Terengganu (R1, 30mn) in the North and Rantau Abang (R2, 1 hour) or Kuala Dungun (R3, 1.5 hours) in the South.

The trip to Kapas Island : too fast ! / R10 / 15mn / Speed boat
Showing up at low tide at 9:20, I was convinced to take a speed boat with the following arguments : 1/ The slow boat would leave at 11:30 only, when the tide would be high enough 2/ The slow boat would leave only if there is other passengers and it is not too busy at this season 3/ It is possible to buy a single way only  4/ In the second office I visited (Delima Tourist Boat Service, opp. the market), the single way was R10 only.
Actually, the first two arguments were exaggerated : the slow boat had left the day before one hour before the "official" high tide schedule (which vary everyday) and people did show up. 
Anyway, I joined two Chinese from KL for the speedy trip to the island. Jumping a bit on some waves was OK but, as the Chinese guy said, it would be more fun to bring water ski. And certainly more charming & relaxing to take the slow boat...

The trip to Rantau Abang : SS / L&R / R2 / 50mn / Tired AC Bus
No rabbit crushed. No flat tire. No crazy driver. Just an old AC bus without AC for a short journey on a no frills road. Adventure... Adventure...

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