The West Coast of Malaysia


by Mustafa, India (July 02)

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Description & Comments : Dubbed as Little England, its a quaint little town in the midst of thick jungle at high altitude with mist covered mountain tops. The perfect place to relax and do nothing. Lots of jungle treks and a bird-watcher's paradise.

What to do ? Bird watching, trekking, relax

What you may not like ? Not many shops, eateries, no public transport

How long ? A few hours for a taste of serenity by the lake garden. At least one day if wishing to go up Maxwell Hill

Where to stay ? Lots of guesthouses, govt bungalows, resorts. Cheap & ideal Backpacker accomodation at Puncak Inn. RM 15 / Jerai Highland resort - RM 100 (bed and breakfast). Need to book. Weekends usually full. Weekdays deserted.

Where to eat ? Puncak inn. Cheap Malay food (RM 3 - RM 10)

What to see/visit ? Horse Riding at the Paddock, Jerai Waterfalls (dirty), lots of excellent jungle treks, gov Golf course,...

Communication ?  No internet cafe. Phone at Post Office

Transportation information ? From KL Puduraya (bus Terminal) take a bus to Kuala Kuku Bahru, 2 buses a day from KKB depart for Fraser Hill. One at 10AM and the other at 2PM. If you miss the buss Taxi may cost RM40. Bus is Duration trip :3-4 hrs from KL to Fraser's Hill
The final journey to Fraser's Hill is a one-way narrow winding road. Travel on this road is alternated on an hourly basis for either going up or down.