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You will find below our selection of Backpackers' sites about Thailand. Do not hesitate to submit a new site...

Travel around Thailand      
A simple travelogue (in french) and some great photos!

Thailand travel guide from real and actual travellers' experiences. Read Thailand travel experiences, Accommodations, hotel reviews, Bar & Restaurant reviews or write your own thailand travel story...

Keng's travel experience   
Rare thailand experience that you cannot find in any guide book by a local traveller. If you find the site interesting, you are invited to donate something so that Keng can keep travelling in his own country!  I wish I had thought about that...

Journal de voyage   
Un site simple et agreable avec deux sections : le travelogue, bien ecrit et amusant et les photos, generalement tres belles. Petite partie egalement sur le Laos... Au fait, j'oubliais : le site est musical !

Koh Phangan for travelers
A colorful & useful site with lots of small photos and precise info about the island. Other sections about a few parts of Thailand and Cambodia as well. Some may however regret the rather confusing and charged lay out...

Travel Chat Thailand  
A great site with many tips on how to visit Thailand, a presentation of the country, a very useful FAQ and lots of links to other travel sites. A superb realization which also include Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and other non-asian countries.

Golden Triangle Rider
If you have ever planned or dreamt of riding a motorbike in North Thailand, this site is for you ! And if not, it is also worth a look just to feel the adventure or to get some good tips about Thailand. 

All around Thailand
846 photos of various aspects of Thailand, classified by localities : villages, monuments, caves, waterfalls, diving,...  The photos are displayed in small size and can be downloaded on request.