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Village China Travel   
Provide travel tips or information to help you make a trip in southwest minorities area of China, such as Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi. show you the history, festival, different spacial culture and true life of minority now.

Site about travelling in china and yunnan with a lot of pictures (including stunning photos of rice's terraces!)

China Backpacker
The primary resource of backpacking and hiking in Southwest China: selected trails in some of the most sacred mountains recognised in Tibetan Buddhism outside Tibet: Mt. Kawa Karpo, Mt. Cheresig . Practical Information on walking in Yangshuo, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, etc.

HK Fast Facts
Facts for the traveler and thoughts from a local resident of Hong Kong:  where the local eats/shops, the festivals history and custom, what to see and hoo to see it best.

Shaolin Kung Fu Training in Shaolin
Shaolin Kung Fu Training for foreigners in Shaolin, Traveller reports, about 400 Kung Fu Pictures + Videos, Insider knowledge, Forum, What to expect, Travel tips and more... For what I have read, not too much bullshit on this site about Shaolin... Check also the one from my friend below...

Photos of Shanghai
Discover the modern and very fast changing Shanghai in about 200 Photos. Topics are "Highlights", "People" and "Places". Professional photographer Juergen Stumpe (Berlin / Germany) captured popular places and hidden spots in his colorful images in May 2003 during 2 weeks stay. 

A big bold American in Shaolin
Created by a good friend of mine, this site is above all an excellent source of informations for The Shaolin Temple : the history, the monks, the Kungfu, the adventure and the recent dramatic news... But it also follows the "big bold American" to Beijing, Huangshan, Guilin and Tibet for travel tales full of photos, humor and culture shocks !

China Photos Gallery
An extremely beautiful gallery with more than 500 photos of HK & South China. Unfortunately not too many comments...

China Adventures  
An interesting  travelogue about an organized tour done in June 2000 around the "Essence of China" : Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Emeishan, Yangzi River, Yangshuo and Hong Kong.  

Shaolin in sounds & colors
A great looking & hearing site developed by a dedicated Shaolin disciple. Well done !

Macau : City of Culture Guide
A very comprehensive site about the former Portuguese enclave : travel info & tips, what to see, how to visit,...  Damn ! It is actually more complete than Passplanet on this subject !

A Belgian in HK
A long page full of photos about various aspects of HK, a few tips and live views through the magic of Web cams. It is obvious that this guy love the place !

Singapore Journal about HK & Macau (May 98)
Beside a listing of the different places visited, some of which rather unknown, this single page also provide an interesting comparison between HK and Singapore. Conclusion : the author likes both places a lot !

Hong Kong "The unofficial Guide"
An original looking guide for travelers and tourists, according to locals thru western eyes. Sights, getting around, where to get a rickshaw ride, shopping, exotic foods to try, cautions, basic Cantonese phrases (like "bathroom"), and more . . .


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