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You will find below our selection of Backpackers' sites about Cambodia. Do not hesitate to submit a new site...

Cambodia Tales
This excellent site is the hard work of Andy Brouwer, a British who lives a passion with Cambodia. It articulates around two travelogues (1998 and end 1999), fills up with 400 photos, completes with a good links selection and even manages to keep up with Cambodian actuality... A reference  with over 60 sections !

Cambodia Today
A very interesting site with essays about
some issues facing residents of this remarkable nation and the courage of the Khmer people ("life on the street", "youthful optimism",...) as well as travel related topics to come (Ratanakiri, Siem Reap,...). A good photo gallery completes the offering. 

90 days in Cambodia
Marcel Stoessel was a student journalist when he visited Cambodia between July and October 1998. He became a volunteer international election observer for the "Neutral and Independent Committee for Free Elections in Cambodia" (NICFEC). His report, well written, is an eye-opener on the tense political situation back at that time. Cambodia was also a much more dangerous country to visit back then...

Visiting Cambodia
This well designed page is above all about travel tips, based on the author's experience from July 95 to early 99. But it also provides some glance to a few areas and interesting comments on the population and other aspects of the country. An excellent introduction !

A travelogue to Cambodia
An interesting travelogue about a trip done in May 1999 by two mature brothers. It does not focus on sights (although there are some good photos, most of them off the text) but rather on how to travel around, with prices and practical info.