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Webmaster or Web Surfer, do not hesitate to recommend any site dealing with Asia, Central America or any of the countries covered. 

I am looking in particular for sites created by backpackers : travelogue, photos, tips, culture shocks, etc.  If your site is ... (any of the followings), I will include it ! 

  • Your site makes me feel like taking the road again
  • Your site completes Passplanet's information in one way or another
  • Your site is colorful
  • The backpacker's touch is there (whatever this mean)

Of course, I would appreciate a reciprocal link.

As for commercial sites, only those with a clear link to Passplanet  shall be considered to join the "Corporate" Section. Do not hesitate to contact me.

To submit your site, please follow those easy steps :

1/ Copy the following form (CTRL C) and paste it (CTRL V) into the body of your e-mail
2/ Answer the form's questions (you could do it offline)
3/ Send it to pass@... instead of (to avoid spam) under the subject "Passplanet New Link"

Thank you !


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Please send the form to pass@... instead of under the subject "Passplanet New Link"

Thank you !

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