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No 1 : Phongsali (the North) by Sarah Rasmussen, USA

Global : 15.17/20 (down)        Backpackers (6) : 15.67        Criteria : 14.67

One of the remotest towns in Laos, Phongsali has closer ties, culturally and economically, to Southern China than to the rest of Laos. Architecturally, it's very different from other Lao towns. But it does have the distinctive Lao friendliness and laid-back attitude. And because it's so high in the mountains, it's refreshingly cool. It's a great place to use as the base for treks and day-trips to neighboring villages. 


No 2 : Old Muang Ngoi (the North)

Global : 14.89/20
(up)        Backpackers (9) : 17.33        Criteria : 12.44

Two hours upriver from Nong Khiaw lies a small village which recently opened to travelers. There, I found Laos as it was probably a couple of years ago : not so touristy, cheap and very hospitable & smiling. Recent reports of guesthouses already packed with travelers however makes me fear the worse. Maybe it is necessary to continue a bit North to find authenticity...  


No 3 : Si Phan Don (the South)

Global : 14.45/20        Backpackers (20) : 16.45        Criteria : 12.44

There aren't probably 4000 islands as advertised in the name (or in the very dry season only) but this area of the Mekong is nevertheless one of the most scenic in Asia and a favorite with travelers.  Waterfalls, small fishing villages, colonial buildings and even dolphins are on offer. And there should be enough islands to cope with tourism development for a while... 


No 4 : Muang Sing (the North)

Global : 14.37/20 (up)        Backpackers (21) : 14.52        Criteria : 14.22

The small village of Muang Sing might be famous with a category of travelers for its opium consumption (an illegal activity of course) but minorities villages all around do provide a more colorful escape toward natural paradises and traditional ways of life...


No 5 : Luang Prabang (the North)

Global : 14.13/20 (up)        Backpackers (26) : 14.04        Criteria : 14.22

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Luang Prabang is THE cultural attraction of Laos. Very touristy, it keep nevertheless a relaxed atmosphere by the rivers and enough guesthouses to accommodate the backpackers. And after walking the town full of temples, splash yourself in one of the nicest waterfall in Asia !


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