The South of Laos


Some travelers break their journey here on their way between Vientiane (6 hours) and Savannakhet (3 hours). Indeed, a guidebook describes it as a small quiet city full of charm and 1 or 2 travelers I met actually liked the place. 

But for what I have seen from the bus, the charm of the place was well hidden... And for most people, this place will be remembered as a trap where most very basic accomodation without shower cost around K50000 ( even so there is apparently a cheaper one at K10000 in the bus station to Vientiane...)

Also, to get a seat on the next day bus may be problematic. Most likely you will get a plastic chair in the alley...

It is however possible to cross the Mekong to Nakhon Phanom in Thailand. But this place isn't too exciting either...

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