The South of Laos


Global Mark : 14.45    Top Five : No3

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Parks Culture Minor. Market Relax Fiesta 


 5 5 1 2 2 2 5 3 3 12.44

Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend  Range AVER.
20 95% (19)  95% (19)  95% (19)  13 to 20 16.45

Description :
A beautiful scenic area on the Mekong river : luxuriant islands with some old colonial houses, refreshing waterfalls, relaxing beaches, tasty banana pancakes... It got it all !

Comments : This is so far the main (good) reason to come to South Laos but it will soon become the first transit point between Laos and Cambodia as the border is due to open in Sept. And much more visitors will obviously mean far less charm... 

How long ? Count on 3 or 4 days minimum. One week would be better. 

How to visit ? From Pakse, I would recommend the following :
- Take a bus from Pakse to Don Khong (K12000, 3 hours)
- Spend one day cycling around the island (K10000, 6 hours)
- From Muang Khong, take the morning boat to Don Khon bridge and, if possible, arrange to visit the big waterfall as well (see details below)
- Spend a few days exploring and relaxing in Don Khong / Don Det, from where you can also explore other islands (in particular south-east of Don Som)
- From Ban Nakasang, take the crowded "bus" to Champasak (actually to Road 13, K10000, 3 hours)
- After relaxing in Champasak, take a boat (K5000, 2 hours) or a bus (K7000, 1 hour) back to Pakse.
You could also visit Champasak on your way south but bus or boat onward to Si Phan Don are a bit more tricky to arrange (see Champasak section). 

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