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No 1 : San Juancito / La Tigra N.P.  (the South-East)

Global : 16.00/20        Backpackers (6) : 18.50        Criteria : 13.50

This small village in the beautiful Rio Chiquito valley is above all famous for its proximity to the splendid National Park of La Tigra. But it also boost the only cheap accomodation of the area, great family food served with smiles, fresh air and lots of other treks. Only 1.5 hours away from the capital, it makes the perfect gateway and a great place to relax in a natural setting. 


No 2 : Gracias  (the South-West)

Global : 15.61/20        Backpackers (11) : 15.73        Criteria : 15.50

This charming colonial town with cobbled streets, a bit off the track from the busy Copan-San Pedro Sula route, is popular among backpackers for its nearby national park which boost the highest peak in Honduras, a virgin cloud-forest and some quetzal spotting opportunities. After the effort, you will be able to relax in the hot spring, wander around the colorful market or simply talk with the friendly locals. 


No 3 : Copan  (the South-West)

Global : 14.27/20        Backpackers (22) : 14.55        Criteria : 14.00

This is the only major cultural sight of Honduras but what a sight ! Those Mayan ruins are splendid with many delicate carvings and a lovely natural setting. The nearby little town, with its cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs is very charming on its own and a relaxing base to explore the surroundings : hot spring, waterfall, coffee plantations, etc.  


No 4 : Utila Island (the North)

Global : 14.00/20        Backpackers (24) : 16.00        Criteria : 12.00

The diving and backpackers' paradise of Central America is just that : a place where to learn how to dive, relax and party with other backpackers without spending too much money. Snorkeling, kayaking, islands hoping, trekking (limited) or mango stuffing are other possible activities on this friendly place where everybody speaks English and feel away from Central America.  


No 5 : Roatan Island (the North)

Global : 13.88/20        Backpackers (8) : 16.25        Criteria : 11.50

The other alternative of the Bay Islands offers more tranquility, sandy beaches and trekking opportunities than crowded Utila. You may even meet more locals than foreigners there ! Globally, it is a much nicer place to relax, swim, snorkel or dive but, off course, it will be a little bit more expensive...   


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