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Welcome to the South-West of Honduras !


The localities partly covered are the followings :

If you have visited other places that you think should be included, participate to Passplanet by covering new localities. The information will be published under your name. 

Suggested Itineraries :

Localities Nights
Guatemala Border >> see Guatemala
Pick-up, 30mn
Copan 2 or 3
Bus, 1.5h
La Entrada transit
Bus, 1h
Santa Rosa transit
Bus, 1.5h
Gracias 2 to 4
Bus, 3h
La Esperanza transit or 1
Bus, 2hrs
La Guama transit
Minibus, 15mn
Pena Blanca 2 or 3
Minibus, 15mn
La Guama
Bus, 2 hrs
San Pedro Sula

>> see The North

  Total duration : 6 to 11 days