Honduras South-East


Global Mark : 13.00

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Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 5 4 2 3 1 5 1 1 11.00

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1 100% 100% 100% 15 15.00

Description :
A great village in a great valley, at 1500m above sea level. 

Comments : Even if you do not stay, you must have a look at this charming little place !

What to do ? Say 'waow' at the setting and panorama / Make a few photos / Visit a lovely little hotel / Spot the figure of Christ donated by the Spanish crown in 1574 in the church / Spot monkeys in a cage (by Cafe Miluska) / Visit a flower nursery / Buy ceramics / Study the snakes of Honduras (Serpentarium, 9am to 4pm, donation) / If more time, walk the surrounded forest and smell the pines / Learn Spanish (CEHDE, 2375670) / Organize a reception at lovely Casablanca (near the entrance of town) 

What you may not like ? Visiting during WE : it will be busy ! / The hilly setting / Finding the church's door closed: go to the back office and ask for the key / Having little time or money to visit / The cage surrounding the monkeys / The dirty lake 

How long ? The time between two buses (45mn) will enable you a quick overview but you may wish to spend more time... if only to surf the web. 

Where to stay ? Only one place and unfortunately an expensive one ! Actually, considering the quality offered (it is one of the nicest place I visited) , the prices are fair. But they are in dollars... Posada Las Nubes (7790441) is the name to remember if you wish to relax in a superb cozy atmosphere and enjoy the superb panorama from your exclusive terrace. A few rooms only, all w. HW shower : dorm (4) $10, matrimonial bed $25, two beds + TV + video + Hi-Fi $40. Prices incl a continental breakfast. Reservation would be essential during WE but during the week, you may be on your own...

Where to eat ? A couple of Comedores plus a few restaurants (incl. a French one with crepes)

Internet ? Yes, the village is connected ! And it is cheap at L15 for 30mn or L25 per hour. Telecentro Santa Lucia. 

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The trip to Valle de Angeles :
SSSSS / Right / Free (L3 by bus ?) / 30mn walk + 20mn ride
Buses come and go every 45mn until 5pm. I started walking and reached the road at the same time as the bus. The road being nice and going down, I decided to keep walking and wave for the first bus to Valle de Angeles. I walked for 15mn but, when the road started to go up, I decided to rest for a while by a Club : the bag was getting heavy. 
10mn later, a bus showed up. I waved like crazy and the driver spotted me very well but did not stop ! A chicken bus that does not stop ! This kind of things happens only to me ! The lady that had walked by me 5mn before gave me the explanation : "The bus stop is 200m away". - "Thanks a lot for telling me now !" The stop was virtually an empty place, opp. a few shops, and I really did not like the idea of waiting there another 45mn. Especially that there was some traffic on this road...
It took me a dozen of cars until one stopped and offered me the ride I had dreamed of. 20mn and a few great panoramas later, I reached Valle de Angeles.

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