Honduras South-East


Global Mark : 11.00

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 3 3 1 4 3 4 1 3 11.00

Ratings by backpackers :

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1 100% 0% 0% 11 11.00

Description : A long village surrounded by mangrove swamps

Comments : If you have time to spare, you could consider a stop here between Isla El Tigre and Choluteca : the mangrove is nice enough. It is however not worth a special trip !

What to do ? Check the lively market / Spot kitschy statues of a crab or crocodile / Walk toward & beside the mangrove : South-West or South-East from plaza / See fishermen at work / Negotiate hard for a boat's tour around / Play pools or basketball / Go to bed early

What you may not like ? The general dirtiness / The heat & humidity / The lack of good & cheap comedore / The higher cost of food / Not having much to do / The look of some locals : you will probably be the foreigner's weekly attraction 

How long ? Half a day is long enough ! 

Where to stay ? Being off the tourist track, there aren't too many places to stay. 

  • Perla de Pacifico, west of the market / rooms w. fan 50 p.p., bigger w. shower 100(1) or 150(2) / Go there for the best budget option & the general cleanliness / What you may not like : the cheapest are noisy as above the road
  • Casita Chou Hotel & Chinese restaurant, South of the plaza / Dbl w. shower 140, w. AC & cable TV 300 / Go there if you need TV but the rooms aren't as nice as the above.
  • Hotel Miramar, by the mangrove / Suite "Titanic" $60, rooms w. AC & TV $40 / Swimming pool (L100 non guests) / Disco on Frid & Sat night (L100) / Free internet for guests (L65 for 30mn otherwise !) / Go there for the nice setting by the mangrove, the view toward the island's volcano and the cozy enough rooms. It remains expensive for what you get ! Worth a look if in the area.

Where to eat ? Unfortunately, the offer for cheap & good food is limited to nothing ! During the day, you can have a good plate of mixed rice for L10 at the market but it closes at 4pm. I though I had found a good option at Lily Burger (N-E of market, Pepsi sign) but the L20 'tipico cenar' proved rather small (it remains the cheapest hygienic deal however). Other options incl. the row of seafood restaurants after the Miramar Hotel or the few (and rather pricey) restaurants near the plaza. 

Internet ? Available at Hotel Miramar but, considering the cost, you will wait for Leon in Nicaragua or Tegucigalpa won't you ? 

The trip to Choluteca : SSS / L&R / L9 / 40mn
I did not have to wait long by the road before a bus from Tegucigalpa showed up. Quite a few people got off but as quite a few rushed to get in and I did not wish to join the fight, I stood in the alley...
36 or so km later, we reached the bus terminal. From there, it is a 15mn walk S-W toward the plaza and the hotels, via a number of banks (pass Bancomer on your left and turn right at Banco del Pais toward the Plaza). 

See also the trip from Isla El Tigre