Honduras South-West


Global Mark : 12.17

Ratings by criteria : 

Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 3 3 2 4 4 3 2 3 12.00

Ratings by backpackers :

Surveyed Liked  Comeback  Recommend  Range AVER.
6 100% 17%(1) 100% 8 to 15 12.33

Description :
A charming town with a busy market

Comments : It is possible to have a look around in about one hour but, if you have time, why not spend the night to explore the surroundings and meet the people ?

What to do ? Take your important stuff and leave your bag at the office of the bus station / Wander around the cobbled streets, spotting charming buildings, a couple of churches and the fortified police station / Get up stairs toward the "Inmaculada Conception" shrine for a good panorama (west) and some greeneries / Spot traditional dresses at the big and interesting market (east). This market is even bigger during WE ! / Degust strawberries

What you may not like ? Not all the streets are cobbled and there is some traffic. That means dust ! / The crowd at the market / Carrying your big bag if you did not trust those guys at the station. 

How long ? From one hour to one day

Where to stay ? 

  • Hotel Urquia, N-E of plaza / 40 p.p, 60 p.p. w. shower, 80 p.p. w. TV / Go there for the good rates, the flowered garden, the correct rooms w. shower and relative general cleanliness. The cheapest are however very basic and have no fan.
  • Hotel Benis, a few blocks E from Plaza / 80 p.p. w. HW shower, 120 p.p. w. TV / Go there to check the rooms as it was full.
  • Hotel Mina (7831071), behind the above / down floor w. HW & TV 150(1) or 200(2), upstairs 250(1), 260(2), 300(3) or 400(4) / Go there for the nice, large & clean rooms, well decorated and the balcony. / What you may not like : the rates if alone and the lack of garden.
  • Hotelito Venitia, near the above / 40 p.p., 70 p.p. w. HW shower / Very basic and rather depressing. 
  • Hotel Mejia Batres, W plaza / 120 p.p. w. HW / Go there to check the rooms as was full. 

Where to eat ? There are a few stalls by the market with dishes for L10 and a few restaurants. You can also buy strawberries for L15 the basket !

Internet ? By the plaza, L1 per mn. If working...

Change ? Banco de Occidente by the plaza

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Leaving ?
To San Pedro Sula (L40, 3.5 hours) via La Guama (L35, 2.5 hrs) every 2 hours from 4:30 to 10:30. After that, take a bus to Tegucigalpa and stop at Siguatepeque / To Tegucigalpa (L40-50, 3.5 hours) at 4:30, 6, 7:30, 9, 10:30, 11, 13 & 14. / The only bus to Gracias (L40, 3 hours) leaves at 1pm.

The trip to Pena Blanca (Lago de Yojoa) : SSSS / Left / L35 + 5 / 2 hrs + 15mn
An easy trip on a good road, with some good panoramas on the left side. The driver & ticket guy were "music" lovers and shared their "taste" with the few passengers via a blasting stereo. Another highlight was the short race with a chicken bus. The chicken won ! 
We reached the Siguatepeque intersection within 1.5 hours and La Guama 45mn later. In between, the lake could be spotted on the left side. 
La Guama is an easy place to visit : a few barracks & tienda along the road and a lot of sellers jumping on any bus stopping. As there are quite a few buses, those guys are busy ! The one I was interested in shows up every half an hour or so. It takes an additional 15mn (and L5) to reach the village of Pena Blanca. The last bus was reported at 6pm.

Backpacker's Tips :  Edward Campbell, New Zealand (March 06)
 On the road between La Esperanza, San Juan and Gracias there is a turnoff for a road to the border with El Salvador. The mountain views are spectacular...

See also the trip from Gracias