Honduras South-East


Global Mark : 12.90

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Charm Scenery Culture Tradition Market Relax Fiesta 


 4 4 1 4 2 5 1 3 12.00

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5 100% 60%(3) 100% 10 to 16 13.80

Description :
A tiny volcano island between Honduras, Nicaragua & El Salvador

Comments : The beaches are popular with locals during WE but, if you come during the week, you may have the place for yourself. 

What to do ? Compare the view with the representation on the back of the 2 lempira bills / Check the map of the island at the pier / Wander around the village and its colored wooden houses / Walk to a beach / Lye on the black or white sand / Cool down in the water / Play with the waves / Spot the surroundings countries : El Salvador & Nicaragua / If courageous, climb the volcano or walk around the island (22km) / Eat fresh fruits and fish / Negotiate with a local for the use of his bike / Spot massive iguanas and scare them off  (they aren't too used to westerners as well)

What you may not like ? Obviously, the heat and humidity ! / The remote beaches / The busy beaches during WE: rubbish, beer and Rock'n roll ! / The dirty countryside, as usual / The not so inviting water / The vehicles on the dusty road / The lack of bicycle rental / The lack of shade on the road / The state of some dogs / The look of some locals, not used to visitors / The water restrictions

How long ? How long can you stand the climate ? Two days sounds good enough !

Where to stay ? There are two budget places in the village and two luxury resorts on remote beaches :

  • Hotel Internacional, just opp. the pier on the right, no sign / 80 (1) or 120(2) / Go there to check the rooms as it was full and reserved for the whole month ! All the rooms should have sea view & a fan. / What you may not like : the family running the place is a bit bizarre (they kept hitting each other when I was there watching TV)
  • Hotel Ritz, up the road on the right, no sign so ask around / Room 80(1) or 100(2), rapidly down to a more reasonable 60(1) / Go there for the small garden with a mango tree or if the above is full / What you may not like : the rooms are a bit dark & grungy and could be flooded if heavy rain !
  • Hotel Playa Negra (2378822), on Playa Negra, 1 hour walk west from the pier / Nice & big rooms start at around $40. The swimming pool however is not too nice.
  • Villas Karissa (2379281), on Playa Gualora, about 1 hour walk east from the pier, maybe more / Did no go but should be the nicest place to stay, at an heavy price.

Where to eat ? A few small restaurants & comedores will prepare you fish for around L40. 

The beaches ? If you came from the Bay islands, you will obviously be disappointed. The setting is not really tropical and the water far from crystal clear ! Still, the beaches are reasonably clean and you get some waves to play with. During the week, you may be on your own as well ! Beaches from the village to the west :

  • Plata Caracoito : only 20mn walk but really dirty ! 
  • Playa Grande, another 20mn : nice setting, clean black sand (but not surroundings) and waves. This is the place local people are going to so you may find beers and Rock'n roll during WE. During the week, probably only fishermen at work. 
  • Playa Negra, another 30mn : not as long but more sandy and cleaner, with the volcano in the background. It however lack the waves and vegetation setting of the above. The village nearby is worth a look.
  • Playa Gualora, on the east side : this is supposedly the nicest and most secluded beach, with white sand. Also the most remote. Did not get the opportunity to go... so let me know how it is !

A tour cancelled ? I had planned to climb the volcano (2-3 hours) then walk around the island (4 hours) but the weather did not allow me to : I woke up with water in my room ! It had rained all night and did not look like it would clear up during the day. The summit of the volcano was surrounded by clouds. I decided to skip the humidity and head to San Lorenzo...

 << Discover a few aspects of the island

The trip to San Lorenzo :
SSSS / Right / L8 + L9 / 10mn + 1h / Boat + Bus
Usually, boats leave as soon as they have 10 people, each passengers paying L8. After waiting for 20mn, we however left half empty. I therefore expected to pay double. I tried my luck and gave L10. I did not get my change but was not asked for more. Fair deal !
We had reached the pier a few minutes too late for the 8am bus. This gave me the opportunity to see the fishermen and fish salesmen at work. Interesting enough. 
The bus was also quite intriguing : very old and therefore very slow. I was very surprised when we arrived at the crossroad within the hour ! The terminal at San Lorenzo was 5mn away, by the main road. The plaza & hotel were 1km to the South.

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