Why go to Honduras ?


You will find here the results of our backpackers' survey as well as comments on some aspects of Honduras.

We asked backpackers who had traveled in Honduras for more than two weeks already (and visited more than Copan & the Bay Islands) to answer the followings :

Do you like Honduras ?  92% of the backpackers surveyed (24) say yes !

The vast majority of travelers enjoyed Honduras. So should you ! Superb natural settings, great ruins, friendly people, cheap diving, reasonably good food and transports,... It's a winner !

Would you happily come back ? 88% of the backpackers surveyed (24) say yes !

You enjoyed it once, you should enjoy it twice ! 


Would you recommend Honduras ?  96% of the backpackers surveyed (24) say yes !

With the exception that confirms the rule, Honduras is an highly recommendable place.

We also asked them to rate the followings :

The tourists attractions        Backpackers (24) : 14.50 /20
A rather good rate, reflecting the quality of the two majors attractions : the Bay islands, on the north coast and Copan ruinas in the South. Beside those two, worth a trip in themselves, travelers will also find quite a few lovely national parks and waterfalls in the countryside and a number of colonial buildings in the cities.

The city scenery       Backpackers (24) : 10.83 /20
Few people are coming to Honduras for its cities. There aren't too many of them anyway, most being overgrown villages. Some of those are very charming, with cobbled streets and a number of churches. The big cities aren't too ugly as well and usually offer a few colonial sights. Tegucigalpa is for example one of the nicest Central America capital (OK, this doesn't mean much !)

The natural scenery         Backpackers (24) : 16.50 /20
For most people, the scenery can be summarize in one word : beaches. But Honduras is actually much more than the Bay islands. It may not have the mountains scenery of Guatemala nor the national parks of Costa Rica but it offers a good selection of both, with some very nice waterfall on top of it. Adventurers will also find in Mosquitia one of the finest virgin tropical rainforest of the area.

The cultural opportunities        Backpackers (24) : 10.50 /20
Beside the superb ruins of Copan and the few museums & old buildings in the towns, there aren't much in the way of cultural experiences. Honduras lack the colorful Maya settlements of Guatemala, offering only some Garifuna villages on the north coast. For the rest, it is very much "westernized". The cultural exchange will therefore have to come from the communication with the locals and there are fortunately quite a few opportunities in that field.

The food         Backpackers (24) : 13.00 /20
If coming from Guatemala, you must be used already to the 'tipico' meal of chicken, beans, eggs and tortillas. It is not true everywhere but those meals are usually better here, in particular in the cheap restaurants. Seafood on the coast is of course the culinary attraction and western restaurants can be found in most touristy areas. Snacks are numerous and some reasonably good cakes can be found in most town. 

The infrastructures         Backpackers (24) : 11.83 /20
Honduras claims to have the best roads in Central America. I am not sure about it but the roads certainly were good enough for me, with most sections being paved. Even on the few rocky roads, the chicken buses proved relatively fast and comfortable, that is of course if you are not too tall... On long distances, you usually also have the option of taking a more relaxing direct bus. 

The cost of living and traveling        Backpackers (24) : 18.33 /20
Due to the slightly higher cost of the islands, Honduras may not work as cheap as Guatemala on average. Exclude the islands and you get the same basic costs. This means that it remains one of the cheapest place to visit in the area ! See the costs table for more details. 

The safety        Backpackers (24) : 12.00 /20
Safety is certainly an issue. The north coast is basically the problem : robberies (incl. at gun point) are frequent and it is recommended not to walk any beach (nor town) late at night. During the day also, avoid walking long distances on your own there. The rest of the country feel pretty safe, with maybe the exception of the capital, where caution is also required at night and around the bus & market areas. No bus hitchjacking have been heard so far but murders make the actuality from time to time... However, by following the advises of the locals, you should be fine and able to enjoy the place. 

The cleanliness        Backpackers (24) : 10.67 /20
Honduras may be cleaner than Guatemala but it does not mean much. The towns streets are usually ok but the countryside or beaches on the north coast are shamefully trashed by the local people.

The pollution        Backpackers (24) : 9.00 /20
Except in the big cities, pollution is not really an issue. And even there, I never spotted the black chokes nor yellow atmosphere of some Guatemala places, Tegucigalpa excepted...

The Shopkeepers' attitude        Backpackers (24) : 12.33 /20
There are two worlds here : the north coast with its pushy salesperson and rather unsmiling shopkeepers and the rest of the country, more relaxed and welcoming. As a whole, shopping remains a pleasant enough experience. 

The local people's attitude        Backpackers (24) : 15.00 /20 
The way you will appreciate the local people will depend of two factors :where you are and what gender you belong to. Female travelers report frequent sexual harassment and weird looks from the local, especially on the north coast. I also noticed a difference of behavior there : less friendly, less relaxed, less eager to talk. It remained ok but I for sure enjoyed the countryside's hospitality more. 

Entertainment        Backpackers (15) : 12.53 /20
The night life is clearly located in the cities and some of them indeed offer quite a few choices. Only problem is : they are usually unsafe at night ! If you came to Honduras to party, there is fortunately a pleasant alternative : the island of Utila, where the bar scene and backpacker's parties, should keep you busy for a while.

Shopping        Backpackers (22) : 11.45 /20
In terms of souvenirs, there aren't much to bring home. Coming from Guatemala, this is certainly a disappointment. As for the supermarket shelves, they offer the same range of limited western products at the same ridiculous prices... 

Generally, the country        Backpackers (24) : 14.33 /20
How you will enjoy Honduras will depend on one thing : whether or not you visited more than the north coast and Copan. There are really two Honduras and most people enjoy the countryside more. Actually, there is three Honduras : Utila island, with its backpacking community, could be rated separately (and it would score high !). As a whole, Honduras remains a great place to travel. Too bad that the global rate is brought down by the unsafe atmosphere of the north localities...

Value for money        Backpackers (24) : 16.83 /20
Honduras is certainly an excellent bargain with cheap & correct accommodations, food and transports. Even Utila Island is well priced, with excellent deals offered by the dive shops. Unfortunately, the transport to and between the islands is overpriced...

Give your opinion !  If you have traveled in Honduras for more than 2 weeks (and visited more than Copan & the Bay Islands), please participate to our surveys ...

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