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How to enjoy Honduras best ?

Get a free copy of Honduras Tips : written by John Dupuis, this good sized book has become the 'bible' of quite a few travelers. The description of the places & cultural info are outstanding and it contains many practical info, like the transport schedules. Published twice a year, it is always the most updated guidebook available ! The only drawback is that, being the 'official' tourist guidebook everything sounds nice & perfect...

Get away from the North Coast and tourist crowd : quite a few travelers really start enjoying Honduras as soon as reaching the countryside only. Small cobbled villages, natural reserves, authenticity and smiling people are very common there. 

Do not worry too much about the horror stories that you hear. Most of them happened when travelers did not follow the basic safety guidance : they went to remote places or walked at night. During the day in the city, things are usually fine and you should feel reassured the moment you step in. 

Speak to the locals. Honduran are usually eager to share a discussion with foreigners and may often initiate the first contact. Of course, speaking a bit of Spanish would help...

Test the local snacks. On sale at the markets or on the buses, they are usually excellent and the money goes straight to the local's people pockets. Just avoid any uncooked greenery.

How to keep the low cost even lower ?

Shop for water carefully : water is expensive in Honduras ! The 'agua bolsa' (0.5L bags on water), at L2, are usually the cheapest available. Refilling your bottle is also an option. A few GH provides free water for the guests : those are always a good choice ! And most banks have free cold water for their waiting customers...

Take the normal buses ? Actually, this really depends on the route. Spending an hour more on a crowded bus to save L5 (US$0.33) would be quite ridiculous. But paying US$2 more to save one hour (Tela to Ceiba) is also questionable, especially if you need to walk 15mn and wait by the side of a road to catch this bus... Bear in mind also that very few 'direct' buses are really 'direct'. 

Use TC or cash rather than plastic (cash advance), as the rate is usually better : by L0.30 for US1 when I was there. You may also have an additional cost back home. For cash, private money changers usually offer the best rate.

Do not buy any specific guidebook. The practical information of Passplanet plus the maps, tips & cultural info of free Honduras Tips should replace most of them.

But remember that enjoying a trip is sometimes or from time to time worth a little bit more... Backpacking is more about the bag than the money !


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